(Poem) Little Bear Requiem by Sara Wright

SW Lucy Background_BearPhoto_SaraWrightLook up at the star
that bears your name.
Re-member the story.
Once you were loved,
treated with deep respect.
Your Ancestor Field
bore a Bear Goddess,
and bears her still.
Her visions will guide you.

*Lucy was a yearling that was so tame she slept on the grass in front of my house… She lived here this spring and was shot illegally one morning in June by a bear hating neighbor.

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(Poem) Dear Goddess

Dear Goddess, please forgive my sins.                                             an-deargoddess

I have been too loving, too generous, too meek and mild, too sweet.

I have been too many offerings of wine-blood and bread-body.

I have been nailed to too many crucifixes, have forgiven too many Judahs, too many Pontious Pilots.

I have had too many resurrections from the dead.

O Goddess, please help me to be more self-serving, more human.

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(Poem with art) Naturaleza/Mother Nature by Xánath Caraza, art by Adriana Manuela Ruiz Gómez

Watercolor by Adriana Manuela

Watercolor by Adriana Manuela Ruiz Gómez


Por Xánath Caraza


La que se mueve fuerte

Produce flores rojas embriagantes

Y los poemas más sensuales


Está lastimada

Sangran sus cañones,

Sus montañas se desgarran



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(Poem) War and Bliss by Vajra Ma

Vajra Ma  performing to music and voice over of her poem "War and Bliss" which appears in the 2015 We'Moon Calendar.  Photo: November 2014 at The Unveiling of the We'Moon Calendar 2015 in Ashland, Oregon.

Vajra Ma performing to music and voice over of her poem “War and Bliss” which appears in the 2015 We’Moon Calendar. Photo: November 2014 at The Unveiling of the We’Moon Calendar 2015 in Ashland, Oregon.

Mother, here is war

here is my fear of war

here is my horror, my cringing hands

my despairing lips that wail “I am helpless

Look what they do to me.”


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(Meet Mago Contributor) Ingrid Andrew

Ingrid AndrewI am Ingrid Andrew: a poet, artist and singer songwriter living in South East London.

I have written poems since I was a very young girl and last year my first little book of poems and    songs was published and is called ‘The Bird of Morning.’

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(Essay 3) blackbird and a pear tree by Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum

A family story told in art, names, places, denied cultures,

black and sensual madonnas,  diversity of beliefs,

visionary and healing Santa Lucia of Sicily

blackbird and a pear tree book cover (c) 2014, Trent Nahas

blackbird and a pear tree book cover (c) 2014, Trent Nahas


Subsequently, my study of black madonnas and other submerged beliefs of Sicily has converged with my need to understand the patron saint of Sicily—Lucia—whose name I carry.

Lucia was born before the common epoch, in the Greek capitol of Sicily, Syracuse.  After she went on healing pilgrimage with her sick mother to the tomb of Agate of Catania, Romans killed her in 304 CE, branding her as a heretic.

Veneration of Lucia sprung up on a site earlier devoted to Canaanite Astarte, then to Greek love goddess Aphrodite, then to Roman goddess of wisdom, Minerva.

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(Art) The Earth Is My Sister by Jassy Watson

JW The earth is my sister

Artists are catalysts for change, and this “change” takes place when we feel deeply for a precious cause. I feel deeply for the earth and I feel that it is largely humanity’s disconnection from the earth and from the earth as mother that has contributed to the current state of not only the health of the earth body, but also the health of our bodies.

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