(Book excerpt) Heretics: A Love Story by Mary Saracino

Chapter 1

The Dream

Shardana woke with a start. The chilling dirge of a howling wolf rang in her ears. Her heart raced. She rubbed her eyes, but was unable to erase the face of the animal that had haunted her dream. In the murky residue that lingered from her night vision, Shardana could still feel the anger that radiated from the wolf’s bloody stare. His fangs, sharp as the blade of a shepherd’s knife, glinted in the moonlight that bathed the deck of the sea-going vessel. His thick coat bristled along the bony ridge of his spine as he prowled the squeaking wooden planks.

HereticsFCwebShardana stared into the darkness of her bedroom, allowing the blackness to calm her. “Dea Madre!” she called out. She kicked off her blankets and reached across the mattress to where her husband Basilio should have been—and would have been—had he not spent the night at his shepherd’s hut outside the village on this early February night, tending his herd of birthing ewes.

Sweat bathed Shardana’s brow, though she didn’t wipe away the dampness. She grabbed a shawl to chase away the cold before walking to the kitchen to boil some water to make a medicinal remedy to calm her mind.

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(Art poem) Placenta Encapsulation by Paula Lietz

gaia paula

Gaia by Paula Lietz

lying within earth’s immortal womb

moist muscle pulsating

I laboured to be smaller

she implored me to be mightier


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(Meet Mago Contributor) Paula Lietz

Paula's photoPaula Dawn Lietz (Pd Lietz ) is an accomplished multi-genre artist, photographer and poet from Canada. She has garnered an impressive range of credits working with various publishers and authors, reveling in the creative energy generated within the artist and literary community. Her poet’s heart shines through her visual interpretations of the world she sees around her.   

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(Book extract) Invisible Women of Prehistory by Judy Foster

An extract from Invisible Women of Prehistory : Three million years of peace, six thousand years of war

by Judy Foster with Marlene Derlet

The Indian Neolithic Period (9,000–5,000 BP)

The earliest evidence of the Neolithic in the Indus River Valley lasted for 2,000 to 3,000 years, and may have spread from Anatolia through Iran. By 6,000 BP agriculture had spread throughout India. The Indus River area was the area most suited to agriculture, the growing of wheat and barley, and the domestication of cattle, sheep and goats. Women produced painted pottery.


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