(Art) Resting Place by Lucy Pierce

LP Resting Place


She carries the sacred places of the Earth within her body and there she rests and restores herself. The body of woman and the body of the earth are one and the same. We seek refuge in wild nature, that the heart may be harbored always in the beating pulse of her breast.

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(Essay) On the 2015 Virtual Mago Pilgrimage to Korea Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

poster english largerA Goddess Pilgrimage is not a one-time event but an ever unfolding process that takes place before, during, and after the actual/virtual travel. Things work in a profound, complex, and subliminal way. Only an individual may know what the experience means to her/him. We are lucky if we can share that experience with other sojourners. And the Circle of Mago Pilgrims is here to create that space and time for us (Join the Circle of Mago Pilgrims).

For me, a Goddess Journey is a symbolic act for the journey of our lives, physical yet spiritual, personal yet political, and local yet cosmic all at once. It is a wonderful gift to us, if we choose to embrace it. In fact, the Goddess Pilgrimage can take many forms so that it should not be a luxury of the privileged. Anyone can create it in her/his own way.

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(Essay 2) Re-mything the Sacred Feminine by Mary Petiet

A symphony of voices is arising now at the time of our mother planet’s greatest peril. We remember and we awaken. We are powerful now because we are remembering.

One story we can re-myth is the story of the summer solstice. In the modern west, that solstice is traditionally the time of the sun deity, when the days are at their longest and the sun is at its zenith.  While the sun deity has been imagined differently by different cultures, as female in nature by the early Egyptians, the Germans and the Norse, the story we tell in the modern English speaking world is that the sun is male in aspect, and embodies the energy of the male. At the time of the solstice, the sun sits still for three days, high in the sky as it appears not to change position around the 21st   of June in the northern hemisphere.  Sol is the sun, and solstice means stand-still. The Earth stands still in the circle of the sun, pausing before its shift to shorter days.

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(Poem) The Snot-Nosed Goddess: Tlazolteotl by Robin Scofield

refuses to be refused or refuse

while her rubber mouth sews words

like dunderhead, and dung beetles center

daily meditations in dead leaves, industry

for nothing, black munchers firing

up decay in the sun’s macrowave,

slipping the new moon out of an old skin.


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(Book Excerpt 2) The Mago Way: Re-discovering Mago, the Great Goddess from East Asia

cover front final rdcd[Author’s Note: This is the second part of the two sequels.]

This book reflects the flow and evolution of my intellectual/spiritual/physical journey toward the Great Goddess. Although Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 of this book have been previously published in anthologies and journals, they are not exactly the same as the original essays. I have rewritten Chapters Four and Six to a significant extent to align with up-to-date insights that I have newly included in Chapters One and Eight. For other chapters, I have made necessary changes in the body and endnotes so that they, while upgraded to the newest insight, remain as milestones to their original versions. Figures (24 in all) are included to aid visual orientations. I have created the Glossary for key concepts, after standardizing the romanizations and translations of East Asian words.[i] It is my hope that this book comes to you as a revelation, as it does to me.

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(Essay 2) Choosing Celibacy on My Path to Freedom by Marie de Kock

Would you call a womb that is consciously receiving the protection and nurture from the Cosmic Womb and consciously storing the bliss of self cultivated implosive orgasm for the purpose of Creation celibate or creative?

(c) Arna Baartz; permission to reprint granted by the artist.

(c) Arna Baartz; permission to reprint granted by the artist.

Continuing with a twist in the story of my personal tale: While most of the New Age World was preparing for their Ascension during 2012, I fell in lust and love. After my in depth investigation into Sacred Sex I grasped the spiritual liberation inherent in implosive orgasm— clearly extremely useful if it could propel me into a multi-orgasmic state that would recharge my point of attraction blissfully! I realized that a couple practicing Sacred Sex could create the most exciting, abundant reality for themselves with the help of the Law of Attraction!

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(Announcement) 2015 Virtual Mago Pilgrimage to Korea

Originally posted on MAGO ACADEMY:


You are invited to the Circle of Mago Pilgrims beyond this event!  

Theme: “Dis-covering the Home/Womb/Tomb of the Great Goddess, Mago Stronghold, in Mt. Jiris, and Oneself”

Dates: Oct. 11-31 (21 days with nine-day self-guided meditation/reflection themes on the Primordial Home, Mago Stronghold)

Facilitator: Dr. Helen Hye-Sook Hwang (Founder of the Mago Work)

Methods: Participant-centered. Dr. Hwang provides daily themes, topics, or resources for 21 days. Participants ask questions or comment on the theme. All are encouraged to respond and discuss. We will have one video meeting on Oct. 29 (about one hour, time TBA).

Venues: Online (Google Community and Google Hangout) 

Resources: The Mago Way: Re-discovering Mago, the Great Goddess from East Asia (authored by Dr. Helen Hwang, 2015 Mago Books); photos and videos freshly taken during the annual celebration of Mago in Mt. Jiris, Korea; audio-visual materials on previous Mago…

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