(Poem) Embedded in the Turquoise Bands by Gloria Manthos


Coral snake slithers

Circling corazón sangrante;

Squeezes – to cauterize the wound.


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(Meet Mago Contributor) Gloria Manthos

Gloria ManthosGloria Denice Manthos travels by any means necessary.  She writes, sings, dances, plays music, and climbs trees. She lives without air conditioning and chain smokes while contemplating love. She reads the cards and charts the stars. Read more at confessionsinpeculiarity.blogspot.com.

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(Essay 2) The Power of Metaphor: Spelling Ourselves, Our World by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D.

[This essay is part 2 of an edited excerpt from the Introduction to her book PaGaian Cosmology: Re-inventing Earth-based Goddess Religion.]

A Functional Cosmology and Metaphor

Cosmologist Brian Swimme has said that

to become fully mature as human persons, we must bring to life within ourselves the dynamics that fashioned the cosmos … That is our task: to create the human form of the central powers of the cosmos.[i]


She is a participatory metaphor – relational. Woodlands Nursing Mother image from Hallie Iglehart Austen

To do this, many women, and men too, need the Female Metaphor (a female metaphor for the Divine) … to become fully human, to embody these dynamics that created the galaxies, the stars. As Carol Christ noted, women “have not actively shaped their experiences of self and world nor named the great powers from their own perspectives”.[ii] Men too may find the Female Metaphor helpful in this matter of embodying the cosmic dynamics, since She is a participatory metaphor – relational – and She may re-store him to the context, partnership, as opposed to centre-stage, dominance and alienation. Adam McLean makes a case for “the Triple Goddess figure” being “for men, a safe inner guide”,[iii] free of the dangers of the “hero”/”saviour” identification.[iv] John Heron has critiqued “gender-laden perennialism”[v] wherein the traditional, typically male, practitioner “claims to have become spirit as spirit”,[vi] whose spiritual practice involves sustained dissociation from the autonomous dynamic impulses of immanent spiritual life.”[vii] Heron describes this as “supremely alienated and inflated agency, a man wanting only to be the whole of reality, and in no sense whatsoever a part of it or participant in it.”[viii]

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(Art poem) Speaking to the Virgin by Eileen Haley

Meet Mago Contributor Eileen Haley.

Inspired by Yvonne M Lucia’s recent post, I would like to share one of my Guadalupe poems. The original Virgin of Guadalupe is Spanish and has strong colonial and conquest associations: among other things, it was at the Monastery of Guadalupe in Extremadura that Isabella and Ferdinand signed documents authorising the first voyage of Christopher Columbus, and it was to this monastery that in 1496 Columbus brought two indigenous men to be baptised, the first New World converts to Christianity.

This poem celebrates the Virgin’s escape from those associations.

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