(Art) Earth Mother Goddess, Love, by Rena Hoffman


Art by Rena Hoffman

‘Earth Mother Goddess, Love’ 1996, Chalk Pastel

I have always created images from within that hold deep meaning for me, which often resemble iconic images from the outside world, one such example being ‘Earth Mother Goddess, Love’, resembling the well recognised, ‘Venus of Willendorf’. Continue reading

(Poem) If We Were Rooted by Mary Saracino

Cottonwood Tree in February, Denver, CO Photo credit: © 2011, Mary Beth Moser

Cottonwood Tree in February, Denver, CO
Photo credit: © 2011, Mary Beth Moser

If we were rooted to the ground like trees

or roses would we understand how intimately

our lives are entwined with the Mystery?


She carries us in her arms, cradles us in her heart

washes away our sorrows with her rain

echoes our fears with her thunder

warms our weary bones with her sun

dries our tears with her billowing wind


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(Meet Mago Contributor) Lucy Pierce

Lucy PierceLucy Pierce trained in Fine Art, majoring in Ceramics at RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. I now live in the beautiful Yarra Valley, not far from the river and overlooking the mountains, with my beloved partner and 3 beautiful children. I feel my creative work has led me on a journey deep into the psycho-spiritual realms of my being. Through my creative impulse I feel wooed into a deep engagement with the poetic interface of life.

For many years now my practice as an artist has flowed alongside my journey of being a mother and this experience has deeply imbued my body of work, as I have explored the profound embodiment and awesome expansion, the unfathomable challenge and gift that is pregnancy, birth and the raising of small humans. Alongside this and interwoven, there sits the profound journey of finding, keeping and loving a man, traversing the terrain of inhabiting a deep and real and connected love and transcending the illusions and projections that can sabotage that connection.

I am passionate about dance, poetry, song, dream, story, the blood mysteries, meditation, prayer, sexual expression, sweat lodge, women’s circling, all as avenues of exploration of the inner terrain of my being. These rich vehicles provide an ever-present compulsion to explore, create and express in physical form, that which I find in the unknown and sometimes unknowable places of the body and the beyond.

Always it seems for me at the heart of all my expression is the deep sense of love and reverence I feel for that great, deep, primordial feminine energy that I feel pulsing at the core of life, for the divine and majestic Mother Earth and her perpetual devotion to beauty, diversity and truth, her ever-present nurturance and astonishing capacity to reveal, delight, immerse and enlighten, and how we as her children are inextricably dependent on her for our well-being and our survival.

I give deep thanks for the rites of passage in our lives, the births and deaths, the deep rhythmic cycles of the body and the Earth around us, the dark-nights of the soul and healing crises that help us to grow and to heal so that together we can find a new way of living upon the Earth.

Since I can remember I have always made art and written poetry, and it feels like a wondrous thing to come to a place where I feel able to offer these ramblings and scribblings to the world. With my little people playing at my feet, sheltering beneath my skirts, I am slowly endeavouring to give back to the great river of creative energy from which I have fed from so delectably for all the days of my life. It is my hope that some of my work might find a tender place to land in the hearts of those who bear witness to my offerings and that a shared resonance of beauty, truth and goodness may come to sing in the collective soul of our kind.

You can find a selection of my paintings, sculptures and poetry on my website http://www.lucypierce.com

(Essay 4) blackbird and a pear tree by Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum

A family story told in art, names, places, denied cultures,

black and sensual madonnas,  diversity of beliefs,

visionary and healing Santa Lucia of Sicily

blackbird and a pear tree book cover (c) 2014, Trent Nahas

blackbird and a pear tree book cover (c) 2014, Trent Nahas

An earthquake and an ancestral and contemporary story of grandmothers, mothers and fathers, kids, sisters and brothers, cousins, and 100 kinds of pizza 


The earthquake in late August 2014 in Napa shook Californians and others.  After eldest son Naury mopped water from a broken tank, he continued researching and planning the September family trip to Sicily gifted by their eldest son Josh.  His wife Barbara researched hotels, restaurants, and wine festivals.

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(Art) Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp (with the Lady Cerridwen) by Eileen Haley

Quilt by Eileen Haley. Part of her EarthWomen series.

Quilt by Eileen Haley. Part of her EarthWomen series.

Four campers dance holding balloons, which were a feature of the mass demonstrations outside the US Air Force base at Greenham Common in the UK, where women famously maintained a peace camp for nearly 20 years. Continue reading

(Review) Heretics: A Love Story by Mary Saracino, reviewed by Donna Snyder

HereticsFCwebHeretics:  A Love Story by Mary Saracino, Pearlsong Press, Nashville, TN 2014

Rich details of the Barbaricini culture, and the Genargento Mountains in the Babargia, the most remote region of Sardinia in which they live, ground Mary Saracino’s novel in a very specific place.  Saracino blends the research of an anthropologist with a gift for story-telling, rendering a sort of ethnographic fiction.  The foundation of culture, topography, flora and fauna, and linguistic details is firmly based on fact but vividly realized in a story so beautifully and poetically written that the scholarship and data are effortlessly ingested, threaded through the book’s pages so naturally that the reader is caught up in the fictive moment as if surrounded by the wild mountains and centuries old holme oaks.  Through her scrupulous research, Saracino brings to life a village of shepherds, basket makers, wild bee charmers, and deeply knowledgeable and intuitive folk healers.

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(Essay) Your Feminine Essence the Kore Principle of Female Spirituality by Marie de Kock

Heal your feminine essence: Discover the vital, forgotten information about your essentially feminine, truly magical, multidimensional, creative capacities.

Vessel upon vessel containing another vessel… spinning sphere encompassing another and another… dreamy womb within a dreamy Womb within a Dreamy Womb becoming conscious of its own orgasmic being…

that is what creation within our Cosmic Womb is…

And within your spinning sphere—contained within the spinning sphere of Gaia, you contain a fractal replica, your womb, along with the creative bliss to dream another dream into being… another being into dreaming…

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