(Poem + art) we only live where lightning burned the soil by Maya Daniel

Art by Maya Daniel

Art by Maya Daniel

we can’t live out of our lands,
we only live where lightning burned the soil
our hearts beat that anybody just can’t understand
how can we live out of our lands
you see us as settlers around your camp
lost in your “modernity” of bombs, rifles,
planes and choppers, and troops
who hears nothing but commands
why don’t you have that gentleness
even in simple speech?
you can’t conquer souls by force, or by fears,
our land is for life and not for your unjust wars
kill us. and our sons and daughters
will seek on you, still holding on those
images of you and your sons, too, in their memories
is that holding to a lost strand of our culture?
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(Book Announcement 1) Introduction to She Rises: How Goddess Feminism, Activism, and Spirituality? By Trista Hendren

front cover 6

Book cover art by Anna Tzanova

[Editor’s Note: This Introduction is from She Rises: How Goddess Feminism, Activism, and Spirituality? Volume 2.]

 Pre-Order available now.

Gloria Steinem famously said, “God may be in the details, but the goddess is in the questions. Once we begin to ask them, there’s no turning back.”[i] It is the questions that keep me up at night long after I should be sleeping.


The first She Rises anthology asked the important question of Why? This question is very important for women. For most of my life, my questions centered on why a certain man was abusing me. Moving beyond this—into our own realm—is hugely important, and something some women are never able to do. Even women who don’t suffer abuse are often so bogged down by the disproportionate care-giving that females are expected to do that they never question the whys or the hows.

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(Poem) The Storm by Lizanne Corbit

Photo Credit: Stonehenge, Sky, Moon, Night, Stone; public domain at: https://pixabay.com/en/stonehenge-sky-moon-night-stone-741485/

Photo Credit: Stonehenge, Sky, Moon, Night, Stone from Public domain

We are the Frontier.

We are not the fringes.

We are not the disenfranchised.

We are the wisdom keepers, the shared seekers of truth and light and beauty

that live in the heart of all hearts.

We are The Mothers, The Daughters, The Sisters, The Wives.

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(Prose Part 2) The Bear Goddess in Europe by Sara Wright

Sara Wright winter rain image

Red bear, 80 cm wide, on the wall in the Cactus Gallery. Photo: Clottes (2003)

The Greek Artemis was the goddess associated with Wilderness and “wild places” once included all animals, birds, and their habitat. Artemis also reigned over childbirth, and was seen to be a protector of women, so we see her here as a Great Wild Mother figure. However, the Greek name Artemis, betrays the goddess’s primary identification with the Bear Goddess as “Art” because the word means bear. The Gaulish name Artio is also the Celtic name of the Bear Goddess and it was the ancestors of the Celts who invented this ancient Vinca script.

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(Story Retold) A Story of the British invasion of Australia by Eileen Haley


Macquarie’s Party at Springwood, 1815, by the party’s artist JW Lewin. Source

[Author’s Warning: Like most such stories, this is a rather grim and grisly tale.] As we know, Aborigines resisted the British invaders in Australia at every step of the way. A road across the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, was built under Governor Lachlan Macquarie in 1814-1815. This represented a significant expansion of the British colony, and must have been of concern to the Aborigines who had witnessed the destruction of traditional society that had happened closer to the coast. Continue reading

(Meet Mago Contributor) Sudie Rakusin

Sudie RakusinSudie Rakusin is an American visual artist, sculptor, author, illustrator and publisher. She was born and raised in Washington, DC, and currently resides in Hillsborough, NC. Sudie received her BFA in Painting from Boston University and her MFA in Painting from University of Arizona. Being an animal activist and feminist, Sudie’s artwork flows from what moves her: women, animals and the earth. Through her artwork she creates the world as she would like it to be – where harmony exists between animal and human. Sudie’s artwork is featured in the books of Mary Daly, Carolyn Gage and Patricia Monaghan. P.O. Box 92, Carrboro NC 27510, info@sudierakusin.com www.sudierakusin.com

(Meet Mago Volunteer) Morgaine Swann

Morgaine Swann defines herself as “a Witch, with a capital W,” a Priestess of a monoTHEAistic, science-friendly, religion she calls Dianic Wicce. A graduate of Wayne State University with a degree in Clinical Psychology and Creative Writing, she is currently retired from a civilian position at the Defense Department. She published a Progressive blog, The-Goddess, for 7 years covering topics including news, pop culture, freedom of religion, disability, union and civil rights, democratic socialism, radical feminism, matriarchy & opposing patriarchy, fascism, fundamentalism and bigotry. She’s occasionally a music/literary critic, product tester,  entrepreneur, teacher, counselor, concert promoter, poet and professional psychic. Find her at MethodandMadness.wordpress.com