(Meet Mago Contributor) Jack Dempsey, Ph.D.

Jack Dempsey (b. 1955) began writing freelance in New York City, and published Ariadne’s Brother: A Novel on the Fall of Bronze Age Crete in 1996. With his Ph.D. in Native and Early American Studies from Brown University, Jack wrote, edited and produced four books and two films in those fields, including New English Canaan by Thomas Morton of Merrymount; Mystic Fiasco: How the Indians Won The Pequot War, and Nani: A Native New England Story. Working on People of the Sea since the 1990s, Jack created the collaborative multimedia website Ancientlights.org, and revealed ancient Western astronomy with Continue reading

(Poem) We Are by Maya Daniel

Maya Daniel

I don’t bother on the algorithms claiming
My face has good proportions or not
We know our past– and our future

I am not afraid anymore
I was burned as a witch many times
I am woman– my place is in the struggle

I bring with me tuft of fresh flowers
Sea shells, and kid’s playing pebbles
But never forget one — my weapon Continue reading

(Essay) What can we do to create a peaceful revolution? by Genevieve Vaughan

Genevieve Vaughan

Realize that we are telling ourselves what is wrong all the time, but without understanding it.

Understand why the urge towards domination and exploitation happens. Devalue the values that motivate people to dominate, especially nations, classes, races, as well as individuals.

Look at this domination motivation and its effects. Identify the motivation and challenge and expose it at the different levels so that it will not grow back and cross-validate.

Spread a movement of people who will regularly do this. Continue reading

(Poetry) Prayer to the Mother by Amina Rodriguez

Photography by Amina Rodriguez

I feel deeply troubled and a bit unsettled.

I feel strongly a pull in two directions.

Loving passionately and despising at once.

I fear to look at what is hiding inside me…

The truth of the roots of all my pain

A reflection of what is out there around me

I ask the universe for the courage to dive within

I know the answers to all that ails me lies there

Something keeps pulling me away distracting me from myself my truth my own love. Continue reading

(Prose) A Wake Up Call from Mother God by Janie Rezner

The Moors, 1990. Jean Claude Photographercroped.

A Proclamation!

A chapter from my life . . .

I should write a letter to Polly Shakas, thanking her for helping me get out of my marriage.  I could also thank Bill Moeller.   They were the principals in a most difficult and painful period of my life, and certainly in my children’s lives.

My good friend, Polly said, “why don’t you move out, and perhaps Janie will agree to go into counseling with you.  I know of a very good psychiatrist in Iowa City who might be able to help you.”  Said Polly to my husband of 12 years, when he came to her house to rant and rave about me.  By this time, and it was the first time I had ever confided in anyone, I had told her a bit about my very troubled marriage. Continue reading

(Essay 2) Magoist Calendar: The Mago Time inscribed in Sonic Numerology by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

Art by Liz Darling

[Author’s Note: This is my latest research that has led me to restore the 13-month, 28-day Mago Calendar, which will be included at the end of its sequels. A revised version of these essays is coming as a monograph, Magoist Calendar, The Mago Time inscribed in Sonic Numerology, forthcoming in 2017 by Mago Books.]


Calendar is the harmonic numerological chart that indicates specifics of the terrestrial time/space relative to the extrasolar universe. As a cosmic almanac of our terrestrial home, calendar teaches the human world to do the right thing at the right timing, determined by the song/dance of the universe. We humans, part of the calendar, are the guardian of the calendar. Calendar is not and should not be an arbitrary arrangement invented to serve the purpose of a particular group of people, the Budoji says. It is Continue reading

(Prose) Níðhöggr by Deanne Quarrie


Art by Deanne Quarrie.

I am a student of Northern European/Old Icelandic Seidr. What I find particularly fascinating in my studies are not the deities but rather the creatures living on the World Tree along with the Primordial Giants who predated the gods.

One such creature is Níðhöggr, the “Derision Striker.” Níðhöggr is a great dragon who lives at the base of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. She gnaws on the roots of the tree, stimulating new growth. Her home stretches from icy Niflheim, near what is called the “Roaring Kettle”, the sacred well of all the rivers of Niflheim, all the way to Dead Man’s Shore in Helheim where she devours the piled corpses.

Continue reading

(Essay 2 Part 2) Poet as Initiate: A Rebirth of the Goddess & The Darkmother in Women’s Poetry in the 70’s by Louisa Calio


Ntozake Shange did the same work of redemption when she created her choreopoem in the San Francisco Bay area: For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf. Performing her sacred rite in bars, cafes, galleries, women’s studies departments and other spots, this modern-day ritual would eventually emerge on Broadway in 1976 at the Booth Theater produced by Joe Papp. Seven women dressed in rainbow colors shared their stories, their loves, music and some of the grief of black women in a wilderness of human relationships where friends are capable of rape and husbands of murdering their children.  Continue reading