(Prose) Bleached Tree Roots by Sara Wright

Election Dream: November 9thSaraWpicture3.png

Just an image: I see bleached, broken, slashed, and severed tree roots scattered over the entire horizon – which seem to stretch out in front of me in all directions – the ground, as far as I can see, has become a wasteland.


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(Poem) Despite games played to entertain by Maya Daniel

maya-daniel-poemDespite games played to entertain
They are waging unjust war

The country sides are under attack
Still, and more treacherously
By AFP’s US-inspired Oplan Bayanihan
The country sides are burning
With abuses and daily death threats
Thinly camouflaged by “civilian missions”
While there are men taking combat operations
There are also troops in full battle gear
Awkwardly giving haircuts,
Then, play games to entertain,
And donate recycled school textbooks
Get some groupies and make these
Pictures take the rounds on facebook.
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(Poem) This Time by Melissa La Flamme

16216218_10210635984632265_1792786746_n“To passively accept an unjust system is to cooperate with that system, and thereby to become a participant in its evil.” —Martin Luther King

This time, we resist
the reflex
to normalize
what dehumanizes,
the core
of the soul
of a nation
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(Prose) The Activist Goddess by Jennifer Powell

shield2Activism came early in my life, precipitated by Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam war; I was in my mid-teens, passionate, driven and wearing my heart on my sleeve. In those years despite a great love of Mythology I had not formed any attachment to the Goddess. Quite the opposite in fact, my sense of justice and morality were totally at odds with what I had read about these so-called divine beings. It wasn’t until my thirties that the Goddess started to take form in my life. However, it was while I was working for People For Nuclear Disarmament and it was a fellow activist who managed to trigger what was to become a life-long love affair with the Divine Feminine. Continue reading

(Poem) The Pythian Oracle and Epilepsy by Susan Hawthorne


Medusa with her snakes. Photo: Renate Klein, Gela Museum, Sicily, 2013 ©.

The language in my tongue


My tongue has blossomed in my mouth

It is filled with language

It spreads like a big red balloon

With language caught inside


A language that can’t distinguish one thing from another

A language that does not care for past or future

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Korean Historical Dramas Free Online Forum beginning Feb. 14, 2017


Changdeok Palace, Korea. Photo by Manfred Sommer, Flickr

Enjoy Cultural/Historical Dramas and make it your learning experience!

KMS 100 Korean Historical Dramas (Korean Magoist Studies Elective Course)

This class can be taken as “a cultural retreat” during which one is invited to experience and explore the gift-giving legacy of Magosim (the mytho-historical-cultural matrix of the Great Goddess) steeped in the traditional Korean Culture! Enjoy the ride and let the rest work on your behalf! Korean Historical TV dramas will take you to a magical journey of self-transcendence to the core of your own issues in life. Meet our female and male protagonists who invoke a time-proven intelligence/dream/courage in you. Experience how they strike a chord beyond borders. We will dis-cover that we are not alone in our journey of Life. We will see that our mind/heart/soul is awakened to remember, cherish and love the Life that we are given!

Description: This course…

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(Book Excerpt 2) New Love by Trista Hendren and Arna Baartz

Copyright Arna Baartz

Copyright Arna Baartz

So now it’s confession time. When we began this project, I ordered some of Arna’s Colouring Pages. I have wanted to order colouring sheets for several years now but I never have. I was usually short on money as a long-time single mom. I always put my own desires off in favor of taking care of something for the kids. I also worried that I would never find time to colour them. But after debating it with myself for 3-4 weeks, I decided to order them!

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(Prose) Dark Matrix, Dark Matter, Dark Mother by Rhyannan



The Dark Mother ‘face’ of the Goddess has probably existed since the beginnings of self-reflective awareness.   In fact, it is likely that so-called ‘primitive’ concepts of both the Bright and Dark Mother precede any distinct concept of a Goddess as deity — recognized only as an all-pervading ‘Presence’, most commonly referred to as ‘the Great Mother’.


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