(Film) Sacred Mission-Korea by Vana Kim Ed.D.

About Vana Kim: Vana studied art and fashion design, in Sao Paulo, Brazil; studied western and eastern philosophy at University of Toronto, obtained Master’s degree from University of Chicago, obtained Doctoral degree in Philosophy of Education from Harvard University.

Ever since she was a child and a refugee in the Korean War, her primary interest has been connecting with the Divine. Her life-long pursuit is restoring the mystery of cocreative relationships between couples, individuals, groups and nations. Her 10 years of marriage to Eric Hansen was a happy manifestation of her dream of a divine marriage. Their home Laughing Dragons Lodge (a timber frame home built by an Amish master carpenter in an Asian Ozark style) was a temple to which all were invited for a spiritual regeneration. Since Eric passed away in 2010, Vana continues to offer her personal awakening coaching to people around the world to sharpen their sense of mystery of co-creation based on divine self awareness.

Vana is a free thinker, visionary alchemist, healer, catalyst, spiritual revolutionary, cocreation life artist, film maker, peace missionary. A lover of the Divine.


One thought on “(Film) Sacred Mission-Korea by Vana Kim Ed.D.

  1. There is so much melted in this film; mother-daughter bond as equal dao-seekers; North and South Korea’s division and pain especially for families in both; Korea’s history under Japanese colonial rule; unflagging woman spirit; one’s returning to the root etc. that I can name. Wonderful and moving narrative by Dr. Vana Kim.


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