(Poem 3) Creation Story by Dr. Mary Ann Ghaffurian


In a starry bower, King and Queen of the Heavens breathed.
Deep in every permutation of chime beyond human to discern.

Lost in contemplation and awe at what they had done.
Became lost to, and in, each other.
So lost there was nothing left but laughter, joy, and the 
Of the goddess’s teeth on the ethers, his footprint on cosmic 
Imprinting the mantle; Yes, you can still see and hear the 
  tinkling laugh.
Behind her the eye of her god is strong, lotus-eyed, rapturous, jewelled.
You can hear them lyrical in their dissolution in joy; smell 
  the nectar.
Peaches, jasmine, rose.

Abandoned to each other and all they had made.
Was this wanton creation?
You ask me, as dinosaurs rumbled forward and walked with 
  mammals and women.
Radha Krishna
Radha Krishna and Raymond Meeks 1988 image 
© "Around the Waterhole"
(Read Part II and Part III.)

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