Meet Mago Contributor, Elaine Drew

Teaching in Yosemite

Teaching in Yosemite

Elaine Drew

Elaine Drew has worked as a designer, illustrator, and artist for longer than she cares to admit. She illustrated the recently published Tales in the Night Sky, a mythical introduction to star gazing. Her work is included in the college level textbook The Adobe Illustrator CS6 Wow! Book, and she writes and illustrates a critically acclaimed blogThe Daily Dreamer, under the pseudonym Carla Young. Her egg tempera and gold leaf paintings explore mythical and dream material.

Published posts from the recent:

(Art) Taera Weeps for the 3 Warring Brothers by Elaine Drew

(Art) Painting the Goddess: Working with Symbols by Elaine Drew

(Art) Painting Taera, Goddess of the Earth By Elaine Drew

(Art) ‘How to Express the Divine Feminine?’ by Elaine Drew



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