(Poem) Command, O Mistress! by Jillian Parker aka Flame in the Snow

Swift her strokes in dizzy
rumble ramble burning
scarlet gulps she glides

crimson Flicker-Tail

no net has gained a purchase
no wall could bar her from her

no words have ever marred
her murmurs to the moon

like red hair that skips a generation
like a royal-blue poppy sprouting along the highway
like long-lost notes to a Requiem

she waits

flip-flopping alone in a shallow canal,
she’s spent her seed
till nothing’s left
but a throbbing center

those lazy breadcrumb-munching mallards don’t care,
they’re watching a grey gull preen himself

perched on a rusting shopping cart,
Salmon Woman nods

and the spindle-legged white crane turns
step-dancing, bends and tears out her heart

together they ascend

a single silhouette
a smog-scented


Sacramento Fall-run Chinook Salmon
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association




2 thoughts on “(Poem) Command, O Mistress! by Jillian Parker aka Flame in the Snow

  1. I appreciate anyone taking the time to read this. It was written after I saw a single spawning salmon in a canal near the Sacramento River. The salmon population in that river is now endangered, after being one of the premium places to find huge salmon.


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