(Call for Contributions) We’d love to hear from you!

logo new copyDear friends,

From your many comments and the ongoing statistics, it is clear how much the Return to Mago blog means to you. To keep it flowing regularly, we love receiving submissions of  relevant poetry, art, essays, films, music, or any other genre that we haven’t thought of.

It can be something new, or it can be something you’ve already published, stand-alone, part of a series, an extract.

Actually, you don’t need to have published previously. Why not start exploring your Mago-given talents by submitting a contribution? Check through your drawers for that poem or drawing you thought wasn’t good enough or you set aside for lack of further inspiration; clean up your computer to find that lurking file with the brilliant seed idea.

Don’t be shy, we’ve posted most submissions we’ve received.  We’d love to hear from you! Here’s a guide to what we’re broadly looking for: https://magoism.net/people/call-for-contribution/


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