(Equinox art) Inanna by Lydia Ruyle

LR Inanna

Inanna is Queen of Earth and Heaven. She is a virgin goddess who carries within herself her own fertilizing power. Her symbols are the caduceus and the doubleheaded axe. She stands between her sacred knot bundles at the doorway between worlds. As the holder of the me, the Sumerian tablets of the law, Inanna incarnates the principle of justice. The Sumerians invented cuneiform writing, temples with a priesthood and the city-state. They called themselves the black or dark headed people.

Source: Sculpture, c. 2000 BCE, Musee de Louvre, Paris
Background: Seal, c. 3000 BCE, Tell Agrab

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2 thoughts on “(Equinox art) Inanna by Lydia Ruyle

  1. Blessings friends, and Happy Equinox,

    I have a question for you – in what sense are you using the term ‘virgin’? I have written a piece on the different ways in which the terms has been used in different cultural and historical contexts – and I think the way you are using the term reflects a far older usage (one where the virgin is sexual and tends to her sacred flames, as opposed to notions where abstinence is equated with chastity and purity). More of a clarification question, not intended to be confrontational. Thank you so very much, here is my piece if you would like to engage with it.

    Much Love, and Blessings this Spring.
    Bairavee @ GSS



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