(Poem) Prayer by Donna Snyder

O great and beneficent energy flow

cast out from me
that which is an abomination to my spirit.

Envelope me in your electric aura
and lend me its protection
and its strength.

Restore my vitality
and make it pure and sweet.
Heal my wounds with your tears.

Give me technicolor dreams
at midday and ¡por favor!
a safe haven in the night.

Cloak me with your starry mantle.
Cool my fever with your caress.

Bring to my cheeks
the scent of rain and clover.

Feed me honey with fresh yogurt in the morning
and mint tea or sage at noon.

In the evening stroke me
with the peacock feathers
of your benevolence.

Remind me of the sweetness of my existence
in your heart.

Keep me from ugliness
and lead me to recognize beauty in all its guises.

Forget not either my friends
or my enemies.

Bring peace with valor
to my soul.

Blessed be your presence throughout infinity.

Cygnus Loop

Cygnus Loop

Read Meet Mago Contributor, Donna Snyder.

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2 thoughts on “(Poem) Prayer by Donna Snyder

  1. Dear Sisters,

    Thank you for the honor of sharing my poem. I wrote it on a dark and tumult filled night, sitting outside the gate of the Guadalupe Church here in El Paso. I hope it brings each reader a moment of respite from the world.


    Donna Snyder


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