(Art Poem) Our Lady of Guadalupe by Yvonne M. Lucia


O Lady of Guadalupe,

I imagine you smiling

at the celebrity

you’ve become.

Your image is everywhere,

on coffee mugs and T-shirts,

earrings and dish towels,

your colorful legacy

a talisman of hope

for common folk

laboring in the daily grind.

Our longing for

compassionate presence,

a mother’s unconditional love

and tender care

is met by your sweet gaze.

Along with Juan Diego,

your first incredulous disciple,

we believe in miracles  –

believe that roses can bloom

on rocky ground,

in wintry desolation.

Meet Mago Contributor, Yvonne M. Lucia.

We, the co-editors, contributors, and advisers, have started the Mago Web (Cross-cultural Goddess Web) to rekindle old Gynocentric Unity in our time. Now YOU can help us raise this torch high to the Primordial Mountain Home (Our Mother Earth Herself) wherein everyone is embraced in WE. There are many ways to support Return to Mago. You may donate to us. No amount is too small for us. For your time and skill, please email Helen Hwang (magoism@gmail.com). Please take an action today and we need that! Thank YOU in Goddesshood of all beings!

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