(Poem) Bella Madre, Stella Madre by Mary Beth Moser

Meet Mago Contributor, Mary Beth Moser.


The other night

with the Moon’s light

veiled in her dark

monthly seclusion


The wilderness Sky revealed

A dome of dazzling stars

So vast

I gasped with delight

A familiar memory

Of kinship


Around the rim where sky touches earth,

In every direction,

Lightning danced in soft spreads of light

Messengers of potent possibility


With her dark spaciousness

This Star Mother

tells me that

She will hold my troubles


“Offer it up,” She says,

just as my birth/earth Mother used to say

when my childhood sorrows felt too much to bear.

“Offer it up!”


Mary Beth Moser, Full Moon, September 19, 2013. Dedicated to my Bella Madre, Lena Pearl Moser, who returned to the open arms of the Stella Madre, the Cosmic Mother of Us All, on the nearly Dark Moon, March 26, 2014.

MBM Sophia_Wisdom_Image for MaryBethMoserPoem

Sophia Wisdom by Lydia Ruyle Sophia Wisdom/Mother Church holds her flock in her wings of the spirit. She is crowned and wears a net skirt. She stands in a golden mandorla of cosmic energy under the sun, moon and stars. Hildegard, a medieval mystic, envisioned the universe as egg shaped. Abtei St. Hildegard functions today in a 19th Century structure amid lush vineyards at Eibingen on the Rhine. The Benedictine sisters welcome visitors. Source: Painting, Scivias, Hildegard of Bingen, c. 1165 CE, Rupertsberg






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