(Art poem) Placenta Encapsulation by Paula Lietz

gaia paula

Gaia by Paula Lietz

lying within earth’s immortal womb

moist muscle pulsating

I laboured to be smaller

she implored me to be mightier


contractions fierce she carried

me upon the wayward wave

all wretchedness of mankind

readying for the next stricken swell

all humanities aspirations

I began to pant


she swathed me in soothing winds

and upon my cracked lips dabbed

uncivilized raindrops flavoured in rainbows

bathed me with rays of sun

and murmured with conviction ~ believe


spent I lay there vulnerable

releasing others expectations

and more important, those of my own

automatically I reached for the umbilical

cord, now dried, dust to dust


corpus uteri I had become

instinctively protective gathering

the daisies, art, clouds, the witty

the children and the lonely

within my universal womb

who was nourishing who

now did not matter


all I had to do was believe


published 2013 May

Beautiful Women Unleashed 

by Lipstick Press

Beautiful Women Unleashed from Lipstick Press

Meet Mago Contributor Paula Lietz.

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