(2014 Mago Pilgrimage) Thursday 16 October

Visit Unju Temple and Temple Stay in Seonam Temple, South Jeolla

4 AM-Noon (Prepare socks and toiletries)


Mago Castle in Blue Crane Village, Mt. Jiri. Visits and hikes to Mago Grave, Shrine of Three Sages, Peak of Three Deities, Intercontinental Goddess Conference (Mago International Conference), Festival of Return to Mago

Co-organized by Mago Castle, Mt. Jiri

1 PM picked up by Mago Castle’s driver/guide

Drive and sightseeing Ssanggye Temple, Hwagae Market Place along Seomjin River

Visit to Household of Magistrate Choi

6:00 Arrival in Shrine of Three Sages/Mago Castle


Time of posting equates to 9 am Korean standard time on the above date, coinciding with the start of today’s activities. The programme is very full so we are unlikely to post updates of what we’ve been doing, but we hope this schedule will allow you to be with us in spirit today. There will be daily posts for each day’s schedule. For an overview of the Pilgrimage, please see: https://magoism.net/mago-academy/2014-mago-pilgrimage-to-korea/programs-and-schedule/


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