(Poem) Mary Daly by Andrea Nicki

AN Mary-Daly-001Mary Daly

a triple goddess

poet, philosopher, theologian

She was a big sinner

matriarchal anti-pope

She didn’t allow men to take

one of her classes

wanted to nurture women

and authentic discussion

I was one of her students

whom she anointed as woman divine

gave me a lavender collar

my own small congregation

lavender prayer beads

She said they would foster

visionary imagination

She taught me about female prayer:

put your palms together

and curve your hands and fingers

to form the shape of a womb

She said every inch of a woman’s body is clean

especially there

I had never heard that before

felt a heavy red cloud lift from below


*I met Mary Daly briefly in Boston during a conference on feminist philosophy.  The poem should be taken on a metaphorical level.  I wasn’t literally her student, and she never literally taught me about female prayer.  Her books touched me deeply on a personal level, and directed me to mentor and help empower other women.

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