Upon Inaugurating Mago Academy


Mago Academy new version

Personally, the foundation of Mago Academy is a natural growth out of my life’s search and endeavor crystallized in the knowing of Mago, the Great Goddess, known to East Asians. It is a vision to be materialized, one meant to be birthed in due time.

After graduating with a Ph.D. degree in religion with the emphasis in feminism from Claremont Graduate University in 2005, I trod in another unfamiliar land for several years with the hope to get hired for an academic full-time teaching position. To become a full-fledged academic professor seemed desirable briefly, when I did not know how a university works in capitalist patriarchal society. Nonetheless, the desire died hard for two reasons. I did not prepare myself for something else. And I could not leave the field of ongoing studying and researching. I loved intellectual challenges. In order to remain in school, I even chose to get another Master’s…

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