(Meet Mago Contributor) Kelly Allee Greer

Kelly Greer

[Editorial Note: Kelly Allee Greer passed away early this morning on Feb. 2, 2015. She has given us her precious essays in Return to Mago as well as loving and supporting presence among us through Mago Circle and personal correspondences. Kelly, now you have joined our ancestors and thank you for your life and friendship. With love and hugs!]



Bachelor of Science: Mythology and Humanities (Individualized major) Minor: Anthropology

Master’s Degree: Women’s Studies

Master’s Degree: Library Information Technology with focus on Internet

Previous Work: Women’s Studies Instructor, University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, Missouri

Feminist Archetypal theorist

Mary Daly was/is a constant/pivot-point of reference for me as I consider myself and the world around me as well as my theoretical work in the application of my theories, including Mary’s favorite — my concept of and coinage of the term “patriarchetype”. This word sparked many a late night conversation between Mary and myself. I continue to feel her presence and to wonder at things she thought about and conceived of. I was thoroughly inspired by her support and praise of my work and especially my term, patriarchetype. I wish there were more scholars like Mary who warmed so to other women and our work. It is so important and sometimes, when I least expect and perhaps need her the most–I sense her continuing presence as she continues from the shadows and bespeaks her magic, like her four-leaf clover to me.


Published posts from the recent:

(Essay 2) ‘Archetype or Patriarchetype? A Brief History of the Symbolic Meanings of Thorn Trees’ by Kelly A. Greer

(Essay 1) ‘Archetype or Patriarchetype? A Brief History of the Symbolic Meanings of Thorn Trees’ by Kelly A. Greer


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