(Art) May Day 2005 in Istanbul (with Amazon) by Eileen Haley

Quilt by Eileen Haley. Part of the EarthWomen series.

Quilt by Eileen Haley. Part of her EarthWomen series.

Young May Day marchers dance in the street with heads uncovered, hair streaming and banners waving.

The Amazon who accompanies them takes us back to the legendary times when the Aegean-Black Sea region was inhabited by magic and magical beings – centaurs, winged horses, griffins, nymphs, gorgons and naiads.

The background is made up of fabrics I purchased in a country town in Anatolia. They are the fabrics favoured by contemporary Turkish rural women for their salvar (baggy trousers) and tops. The riot of flowers and colours reflects the fertility of the land and the season of springtime.

Just discernible in the midst is the Anatolian Mother Goddess, She who was once known as Kubaba and later as Artemis, Lady of Ephesus.

Read Meet Mago Contributor Eileen Haley.


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