(Book Excerpt 3) Introduction From She Rises by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang


Artwork by Ingrid Andrew Artwork by Ingrid Andrew

Reading the Sign of Time from Animal Companions

Animals appear to act and adopt a new mode of living at the time of impending extinction. Such endangered species as wolves and gray whales travel far across the lands and the seas and interbreed to conserve their species. Recently, scientists have made speculations based on the observation that a group of gray whales took amazingly long journeys crossing areas not previously thought to be habitats in the Pacific Ocean. A particular gray whale named Varvara (Russian for Barbara) is noted for her six-month travel in 2011 and 2012, a roundtrip journey from west to east and back to the west of the Pacific Ocean, making the longest journey in history of nearly 14,000 miles. Having started from Russia’s Sakhalin Island, she traveled to Baja, Mexico, the other side of the Pacific Ocean, and back to where she…

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