2015 Nine-Day Solstice Celebration & Call for Video/Audio Presentation


nine day solstice celebrarion poster2015 Nine-Day Solstice Celebration & Call for Video/Audio Presentation

We are pleased to announce the Nine-Day Solstice Celebration Project to be hosted by Mago Academy beginning Dec. 14 and ending Dec. 22, Solstice, 2015. And we are seeking individuals and groups who can run or partake an hour video program for each day. The program can be recorded or live. The video link will be published in the Mago and Girl God related websites including Return to Mago E-Magazine, Mago Academy, Mago Books, the Mago Circle, and the Girl God as well as other websites and blogs of our presenters.

We anticipate the Nine-Day Solstice Celebration to be an event of joy, solidarity, and self-empowerment for us, Goddessians/Magoists and all in WE! Why the Solstice season? Celebrating the day of December Solstice would be a way of balancing ourselves, as human members of the terrestrial community including the moon, with…

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