(Essay 1) Re-mything the Sacred Feminine by Mary Petiet

“A symphony of voices is arising now at the time of our mother planet’s greatest peril. We remember and we awaken. We are powerful now because we are remembering.”

The old stories no longer speak to us. The old stories underpin our current catastrophic global state. The old stories are men’s stories of supremacy and ownership, and these stories have supplanted the nurturing stories of the sacred feminine, stripping the living planet of its life force and driving peaceful nurture deep underground.

The old stories have failed us all as they hinder our happiness instead of ensuring it. The old stories have separated us from our universal mother and our humanity and led us to a state of hubris sufficient to deny the sacredness of the feminine and the sacredness of nature to the point of utter destruction.

The old structures supported by the old stories are crumbling now in a final blaze of fundamentalist, reactionary glory as we slowly turn away from them. The old stories and structures no longer serve us or the planet, and it is up to us to reimagine different stories.

We are waking up. We must wake up. Feminine consciousness is ancient and deep within. To find it we need only remember, and as we remember we can retell the old stories in new ways to serve us now and in the future.

We can re-myth our universal stories, and we can re-myth our personal stories. We must re-myth the sacred feminine and carry it forward, ultimately building a new mythology that respects and honors all life, the ecosystem, and the cosmos.

To awaken the divine feminine we carry within, we must look within. We need to know the mystery that is life and that we are all connected. Imagine yourself a part of the Milky Way, a component of star dust. Remember the womb from which you sprang and the womb you have now. Remember the power you have within to create for the better good. Remember your intuition. Awaken.

As long as 40,000 years ago it is thought we lived harmoniously in a balance of male and female energies. This is the time of the cave art and the goddess sculptures, the time before we became settled farmers. The time of our species childhood, our very beginnings. And this was the time of the goddess, and life was celebrated and nurturing was celebrated, and the male/ female duality existed in balance. There is little evidence of warfare in this era. And we all carry the memory of this time deep in our cells, woven through our DNA. In human terms it was eons ago, in geologic terms it was yesterday, and in cosmic terms it was the blink of an eye.

With memory and vision we can re-myth the stories that no longer serve us.

To be continued.

Read Meet Mago Contributor Mary Petiet.


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