(Art) Hetaira by Kaalii Cargill

hetaira resized


The Goddess in all Her faces weaves Her way through my life, calling, guiding, demanding, nourishing. In 2014, I made four life-size Goddess panels, and each one demanded an immersion in form and essence. Even as I began to form my vision of Her, She entered, and the form changed . . .
Hetaira:  This face of the Goddess is not one of passive “beauty”. This is the face of deep, luscious beauty, soft, strong folds and layers of grace, sensuality, and connection to the wellspring of laughter, lust, and inspiration . . .
She is crafted from fabric chosen for color and texture – blood red, labia purple, black lace – and sewn into folds and creases to create a fusion of a Magdalene-type robe that segues into ripe, feminine, embodied sensuality.
I adapted Her for the cover of the Mago Books anthology – She Rises, Why Goddess Feminism, Activism, and Spirituality? – removing Her ethnicity to allow Nature to shine through . . .

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