(Art) Reclaiming Your Woman Fire by Arna Baartz

Artemis, shooting for the moon, ©Arna Baartz, used by permission. All copyright remains with the artist/author Arna Baartz.

Artemis, shooting for the moon, ©Arna Baartz, used by permission.
All copyright remains with the artist/author Arna Baartz.

Fire lives within us all; it is who we are. We are glowing with the power of conscious creation and it is the broadest perspective of ourselves who are this fire’s guide. To know ourselves properly we must take responsibility for our power and connect more consciously with our far seeing beingness. The time is over for passing the blame to another for the supposed ‘loss’ of personal power. Humans are here to experience the contrast, reconciliation and emotional evolution that living on Earth brings, as we realise this we are gifted with bursts and sparks of intensity in our physical/spiritual system. Some might call this Kundalini energy.

Kundalini is simply our heightened awareness of who we really are. Kundalini is the unlimited energy of pure, conscious awareness, and we are in control of how much we wish to experience. Conscious intention and mindfulness become important as we begin to reclaim this power. Start noticing each time you feel an urge to express blame, resentment or hatred toward another; the more we catch ourselves in this moment the more likely we are to enhance our vision and come to see past this and into the healing and appreciation we are, in fact, desiring to experience. This is the beginning of regaining balance and power. All it takes to begin is the willingness to state Even though I have been asleep I now choose to awaken—or another statement of similar intention. Breathe deeply into this feeling, allowing yourself to acknowledge your fears and resistances, and remind yourself that you are supported and safe.

No one has taken anything from you regardless of how it seems to your fragile belief system. There is no loss; you remain whole, a perfectly expanding, powerful creator—and all you need do is remember.

Read Meet Mago Contributor Arna Baartz.




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