(Prose) Spring Equinox Flower Bowl/The Mandala of Life By April Aronoff


Spring Equinox_2_April Aronoff

Photo Credits: ©April Aronoff

As I feel the wheel of life turning ever so strongly in my life, it is the call to death, to passing, to the ending of something and the beginning of another, that beckons.  And while the pull to death and dying are typically associated with the autumnal equinox, I cannot help but recognize how essential death is for the re-birth of spring.  Every ending is a genesis, and every death a template for new life.  I wish to celebrate this cycle, recognize its potency, its power to connect to the highest vibration and frequency.  We are all part of this wheel, all going to begin and end again and again.  To give into this process with peace, to recognize it as part of who you are as much as your hands and feet, to deepen into the cycle of death and spring in your own life, that is true connection with source.

Author’s Note: I wrote this piece around Spring Equinox of 2015, as my closest friend lay dying of liver cancer.  As I saw the budding of new life around me, I couldn’t help but see death as the foundation for the cycle that creates new life.  That birth and death are intertwined, and that one cannot exist without the other.  The flower bowl is meant to honor this change in the seasons, both within the Earth and within ourselves.

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2 thoughts on “(Prose) Spring Equinox Flower Bowl/The Mandala of Life By April Aronoff

  1. April, this writing is a testament to the relatively fluid aspect of life and death that comes round on a cyclic basis, and can be, if we choose, a way to sanctify loss as you have done. In the spring of the year I feel my own loses most intensely. I think this time of Earth’s awakening also awakens us most poignantly opening us up to the life death life mother in her cycles of abundances and attrition.


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