(Art) Stillness by Sudie Rakusin

Woman with Cheetah © Sudie Rakusin

Stillness © Sudie Rakusin

Artist’s Note: The natural flow in my Feminist practice and Spiritual belief was to become an ardent and dedicated spokeswoman for animals and the environment. I am a vegan. My decision to stop eating meat was always an ethical and spiritual one. I cannot take another life for my subsistence. I believe animals have their own reason for being and they have the right to live out their purpose, not one we impose upon them. My art reflects my passion and love for animals as well as my respect and appreciation for the Earth. I paint, draw, and sculpt the world I dream of inhabiting. A place where the natural world is treated with deference and there is no hierarchy among humans and animals. In my world, we all walk the Earth in harmony. My art is the best way I know to express these feelings. www.sudierakusin.com 

See (Meet Mago Contributor) Sudie Rakusin.


One thought on “(Art) Stillness by Sudie Rakusin

  1. Like you I believe that becoming an advocate for Earth and her creatures including plants is a natural result of my ongoing life experiences with both. When I was in my 20’s I became a vegetarian until I realized that I was also ingesting living beings every time I pulled up a carrot from my garden…horrified… I began searching for another way. I have Native American roots… and as I began to discover the “Circle Way” it became clear to me that there were honorable contracts made between humans and their prey that allowed an animal to be taken as food, even as great respect was accorded that animal who allowed itself to be killed… this reciprocity hit a nerve and I got it. What was important was the relationship between food and the animal or plant that provides it. Humans are omnivores – as are many other mammals. The key to eating seems to be more about respect than anything else.

    With that much said, I rarely eat meat/chicken because I refuse to participate in factory raised animal slaughter.


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