(Poem) If you have forgotten by Jhilmil Breckenridge


Copyright by Jilmil Breckenridge

If you have forgotten

who I am

If you have forgotten

how I sound

If you have forgotten

how I look


let me help you remember


i am not a doormat

i am not a wallflower

i am not a creeping vine


i do not whimper

i do not beg

i do not plead


i delight in my sun-kissed skin

With my non-size zero size

With the silver in my hair


my gift is presence

my gift is being

my gift is knowing


so let me tell you

if you have forgotten


i am stronger than the banyan tree

and more fragile than the iridescent wings of a dragonfly


i love in a heartbeat and you will be magnetized

but if you try to own me, i will soar free


i howl loudly, like a she-wolf, proud, celebrating

my ancient and innate wisdom


i walk free, my hips swaying like a gajagamini

my anklets tinkling; i am not afraid to wear flowers in my hair

just because


i love and love and love

because love is the only religion i follow


i have joy and i have bliss

because there is nothing you have that i want


i dance; the joy of a hundred soul sisters

dancing through me


authenticity is my middle name and lies make me vomit


i am all woman, all heart, and i am free


i call home the ground under my feet

and i am always running, moving, dancing, shifting


i am you and you are me and we are a hundred other names


do you remember now?


can you ever forget?

See (Meet Mago Contributor Jhilmil Breckenridge)


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