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A Greek independent scholar, Harita Meenee is researching women’s history, the Hellenic and Graeco-Egyptian cultures, as well as the Sacred Feminine. She lives in Athens, Greece, where she studied classical literature and languages; her graduate studies were in the fields of counseling and archetypal psychology. She has translated W.K.C. Guthrie’s Orpheus and Greek Religion; her English adaptations of ancient and modern Greek poetry have been included in various anthologies and journals.

Harita has presented cultural TV programs, given a series of interviews and workshops, and has lectured at universities in Greece and the USA. Numerous articles and essays of hers have been published. She is also the author of five books:

– Neo-Paganism: The Rebirth of the Ancient Religion

– On the Path of Aphrodite

– The Women’s Olympics and the Great Goddess

– The Sacred Feminine and Mary Magdalene

– Neopaganismo (in Spanish translation)

Blog: http://hmeenee.wordpress.com/

Website: www.hmeenee.com

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/H.Meenee

Facebook: www.facebook.com/harita.meenee

Published posts from the recent:

(Δοκίμιο) Η θεϊκή Μητέρα και το ιερό Παιδί: Το εσωτερικό νόημα των Χριστουγέννων, της Χαρίτας Μήνη

(Essay) The Divine Mother and the Holy Child: The Inner Meaning of Christmas by Harita Meenee

(Essay) Sophia, the Sacred Feminine Wisdom by Harita Meenee

(Essay)  Women, Power, and Religion in Ancient Athens by Harita Meenee

(Essay) Orphic Mysteries and Goddess(es) of Nature, Greek Hymns Honoring the Divine Feminine by Harita Meenee




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