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Deborah Milton

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I moved from Pennsylvania USA to Montana in 1980. Buried beneath my Eastern intellect and conformity, the juicy, risk-taking adventurer burst forth inspired by the Western wild spaces. I served as a psychotherapist for a decade there (I have a PhD in Human Development) before taking my own advice to “follow my belly’s wisdom.” Spending two months in solitude in 1993, I reclaimed my childhood dream of being an artist at the same time Ecstatic Wisdom Postures (EWP) found me.

An embodied spiritual practice based on our ancestors’ artifacts discovered by anthropologist Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman, EWP has provided vision, endless inspiration and a reliable compass for my own journey. I was certified to teach them in 1996. In 1999, I established Athanor Arts, my own creativity center on ten acres of meadow and forest but six years ago left it all behind to move to Bainbridge Island, WA. Now, all four of my adult children and their families live nearby. Here, my Posture practice continues to inspire my intuitive, sacred earthART, along with inspiration from Jassy Watson and Glenys Livingstone, whom I met last year online. I have been painting the Many Faces of Gaia ever since. Gratitude runs deep.


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