(Special Post) Why I choose to be an RTM contributor by Glenys Livingstone

The three-colored circles in nine corners represent the sun ray, gynocentric creativity in a full blossom.

The three-colored circles in nine corners represent the sun ray, gynocentric creativity in a full blossom.

The contribution of my writing to Return to Mago E-Magazine has evolved since it began four years ago, into a deeply mutually enhancing relationship. The time and effort taken to write carefully and in alignment with my heartfelt passions and insights, and then to be able to publish to a receptive audience, has always been rewarding – for me personally and apparently for many who received it.

When Dr. Helen Hye-Sook Hwang invited me to contribute monthly, I had no idea of the rich pathway and community I was entering into. It was not difficult for me to find material … I had a lot to say from a gynocentric perspective: my PaGaian cosmology was deeply resonant with Magoism, the understanding of She as Primordial Mother, Creatrix. Helen and I shared this passion. The fact that Helen’s quest for Her was as Mago, Great Goddess of East Asia in particular, took me further into understanding Great Goddess’s multicultural manifestation … it was good for my Western brain, and I am deeply grateful for this journey.

Helen and I shared so much as feminist, Goddess-focussed scholars and practitioners, both deeply committed to a better world, a m(O)therworld, and the call to be of service to that, that stretched back in each of our lives in similar ways – both inspired and transformed by Mary Daly, both having had a period of Christian/Catholic experience as we sought to make our way. Yet we were also hugely different in our cultural experience. It has been a rich relationship. And so it has been with the very diverse group that Return to Mago has gathered over the years: it is a global community that expands the mind, and challenges a contributor to speak with a larger audience, while at the same time appreciating one’s unique and valuable perspective.

As a contributor I have had the opportunity to write and express myself to an audience that was receptive, that in turn nurtured me and my creative work. I have grown and been fed, as surely as I have provided food … such a Goddess value of deep communion and reciprocity.

And I was fortunate to also have the assistance of dear and wonderful Rosemary Mattingley, another Australian, and editor-in-chief at Return to Mago for so long, who skilfully birthed my blogs through technical matters. There are now a few other editors who have come on board, with diverse cultural experience, though there remains a call for more help with the great work to be done.

I highly recommend the committing to sharing one’s creative work to Return to Mago E-Magazine in particular, the shining of your radiance, for the enrichment of others on the Goddess path … all at various stages in that, with some not even consciously naming their path that way: but you may inspire and be inspired in turn. What a rich community it is. For me, connections have been made all over the globe, that have enabled me to bring forth more than I could have imagined. Thank you all.

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