(Art) This Might Be the Last Sunset I’ll Ever See by Sudie Rakusin

This Might Be the Last Sunset I’ll Ever See

Artist’s Note: The natural flow in my Feminist practice and Spiritual belief was to become an ardent and dedicated spokeswoman for animals and the environment. I am a vegan. My decision to stop eating meat was always an ethical and spiritual one. I cannot take another life for my subsistence. I believe animals have their own reason for being and they have the right to live out their purpose, not one we impose upon them. My art reflects my passion and love for animals as well as my respect and appreciation for the Earth. I paint, draw, and sculpt the world I dream of inhabiting. A place where the natural world is treated with deference and there is no hierarchy among humans and animals. In my world, we all walk the Earth in harmony. My art is the best way I know to express these feelings. www.sudierakusin.com 

Meet Mago Contributor Sudie Raskusin


One thought on “(Art) This Might Be the Last Sunset I’ll Ever See by Sudie Rakusin

  1. I am/have dedicated my life to animals and plants. As a Native American/Italian women the natural world is my home. I am also a naturalist and recognize that humans are omnivores – that is – we are animals that eat most everything including meat. What I have learned from my Native heritage is that it’s more important to have an attitude of gratitude towards whatever we eat – to understand that this creature/plant gave its life for us…

    With this much said, I do not consider myself a vegetarian although I rarely eat meat. It is too expensive to buy meat that is raised with compassion; instead I usually opt for organic greens/vegetables knowing that these plants suffer too when killed.

    Each person has to make her/ his decision about how and what to eat. No matter what we consume, we can’t get away from the fact that something suffers so that we can live.


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