Gynapedia Free Online Gynocentric Encyclopedia Live Now!!!


Three rays of light that create nine corners represents the Nine Mago Creatrix.

Mago Academy is happy to announce that Gynapedia, a free online gynocentric encyclopedia, is live to the public view! Visit us

Welcome to Gynapedia, a free online gynocentric encyclopedia. Gynapedia is a gift-sharing project supported by The Mago Work, a group of collaborative projects including Mago Pool Circle[1], Return to Mago E-Magazine[2], Mago Academy[3], and Mago Books[4]. Administered by Gynapedia Administration Circle, Gynapedia is a collective endeavor to serve the general public as well as feminists, activists, and Godessians, broadly defined. In addition to be a compendium of comprehensive topics, Gynapedia intends to promote network and collaboration among her users across cultures and geographies. This is an English version of Gynapedia.

The concrete idea of Gynapedia[5] came into being in January 2017 as an extension…

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