(Poem) Star-Crossed by Melissa La Flamme

melissa-laflammeI feel your heat



between the tender folds

of sleeping and waking,


to the delicate, potent

time each day when

residue of viscous dreams

coalesce the gravity of desire.

De sirée,

the French say,

of the stars,

crossed now.


Come with me,

daybreak beckons

pregnant with promise

to spill another custard rising.

Be my sun,

rise in me,

carry us down and over,

up and through

the hills of bodies,

souls salty

with ocean’s endless tide,

where I, your moon,

track the arc

lit with the ages,

our mythic stories


like stars



for radiance.


Explode my horizons

while I hold your heart

softly in moist eyes

as we enter

worlds waiting


multiplex layers,


of fractal soul,

solid and alive,

alight in our bodies —

as celestial

as we are animal,

moving deliberately

to the unknown deep bass,

holding down the beat,

romancing the heart

of the earth.


© Melissa La Flamme

My book, What You Are For: Inciting A Revolution In Your Soul, is available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1478753250

Meet Mago Contributor Melissa LaFlamme.




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