(Art) Bona Dea by Sudie Rakusin

Art by Sudie Rakusin

Mary Daly Quoted by Linda Beacham (Kenora, Ontario, Canada)

The following passage is critical for me. Reading Gyn/Ecology was incredibly painful at times….VERY dark 
I’ve read it, in full, three times….at different life stages….age 27-28, again in my 40s, and in my late 50s. I am truly not sure I could handle a fourth reading. “Horror and ecstasy”….nails it.

The Otherworld Journey begins with a loss of ignorance. The term “ignorance” is derived from the Latin “ignorare”, meaning “not to know”. The Journey begins with following Lilith’s invitation to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, which is to participate in the life of the Goddess within, that is, in be-ing/know-ing. The Spinster comes to know more and more, both of horror and of ecstasy. Her Journey is itself the weaving of patterns of “fantastic coherence”. As in the case of the spider, her spinning movement is her spinner’s creation. As she travels, she makes her knowledge visible. To other Spinners her Network is a paradigm of Creation. Mary Daly from Gyn/Ecology: The Metaethics of Radical Feminism (Beacon Press, 1978, 1990).

(Meet Mago Contributor) Sudie Rakusin. 


One thought on “(Art) Bona Dea by Sudie Rakusin

  1. This journey always seems to begin in the dark and for me anyway, it stays dark for a long while. And yes, it’s important to note that we make this journey again and again in our lives, although eventually new insights emerge.

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