(Poetry) Nature’s Grace by Amina Rodriguez

Photography by Amina Rodriguez

Nature reached out to me…

Through the window in my room through a tree..

Through reaching branches and rustling leaves…

I grabbed on to her without hesitation..

Without a thought without question…

I felt her branches and grasped them tightly…

What a graceful invitation…

Unasked and unwarranted..

At the time what I understood was this thought which has stayed with me still…

I must go outdoors now and breathe in nature more often..

Little did I know that this invitation from nature was a call from my own neglected soul..

Longing to be found and to be known…

For far too long she had been ignored…

Her grace used the tree….

And so began my journey into the unknown.

Into the depths of my own soul and even deeper into the essence of nature which is one with all…

And for that experience I am forever grateful.

Photo by Amina Rodriguez

(Meet Mago Contributor) Amina Rodriguez.


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