(Art) Luna by Liz Darling

These works are an exploration of what I perceive as sacred. I am viscerally drawn to earth-based spirituality and in giving voice to the space between what is “alive” and what is not. I am intrigued by subject matter that embodies the transitory complexity of nature and the duality of growth and decay. The moon, a symbol of The Goddess, is the keeper of our constantly shifting natural cycles.

Watercolor is my preferred medium; the water itself is significant. I love the fluidity of the way the water carries the pigment. Stylistically, I gravitate to crisp edges and calm, centered, often symmetrical compositions.

(Meet Mago Contributor) Liz Darling.


2 thoughts on “(Art) Luna by Liz Darling

  1. This is an astonishing watercolor that captures something of the spirit-body energy of the feminine through realistic portrayal… “Giving voice to the space between what is alive and what is not” is profoundly important.

    When it comes to the moon, I never see or feel a dead planet. What I experience instead is female mystery, perhaps because the power of the moon never ceases to imprint me in some new way. I am indeed, “a daughter of the moon.” I think I am only one out of many!


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