(Prose) Connection by Deanne Quarrie

Blue Lotus by O Palsson

Blue Lotus by O Palsson

As an introvert, I do a lot of listening. However, I have noticed that when I am in a group and think I am listening, quite often I have tuned out and am lost in my own thoughts. That doesn’t happen near as often when I am with one person, sharing in conversation.

Clearly there are times when I am with someone who is a “talker” and our conversation is mostly a monologue. I find this need to talk comes either from being alone most of the time or from not being listened to by anyone. So when I care about someone, I simply listen as the rattle on. Pretty soon Continue reading

(Prose) Liminal Time and Space by Deanne Quarrie

The word liminal comes from the Latin word līmen, meaning “a threshold.” The word threshold has several definitions. It can be the sill of a doorway or the entrance of a building. Ultimately, it means any place of point of entering or beginning. In psychology the term limen means the point at which a stimulus is of sufficient intensity to begin to produce an effect.dawn

Limduskinal time therefore, is that moment when something changes from one state to another. Examples would be dawn, when the morning sun rises high enough in the sky to bring daylight. Another is dusk, when the evening sun sinks into the horizon bringing nightfall. Continue reading

(Prose and Poetry) The Breath of Goddess by Deanne Quarrie

I am a child of the Earth.
I live and breathe, walk and dance upon Her face.
She is my source and I learn from Her each day. This I know…

Life begins in the dark as Desire.
Deep in that dark place life begins to form, taking root and becoming…..

As life stirs…… deep in the Mother’s Belly,
there is a gentle quickening, movement
that alerts us to a “knowing”
of the presence of something yet to come.

As the Earth prepares Herself with warmth,
the rains and waters come to flood the land,
nourishing the soil in which She is creating new life.

Her Breath

Art by Deanne Qyuarrie

Earth and Water and Fire
come together and Form continues to take shape.
One last thing is needed.
Just as new form emerges,
She breathes Air upon it.

Her Breath, giving Life to all. Continue reading

(Prose) Inanna’s Return and Bread and Waters of Life by Deanne Quarrie



Most of us know the story of Inanna’s descent into the Underworld to visit with her sister Erishkigal. The reason for her visit is that Erishkigal’s husband has died and Inanna was a childhood friend of his and she will visit to pay her respects. As she travels to meet her sister, Inanna must pass through seven gates where they ask her to remove and part with aspects of herself so when she approaches Ereshkigal.

Upon arrival, her sister, who is angry because she believes that her husband loved Inanna, hangs Inanna from a meat hook to die.

While Inanna was in the Underworld, Ninshubur waited three days for Her to return, and when she did not she thought all was lost and began to mourn for her. She visited the temple of Enki who agreed to help her. Enki knows the nature of the underworld and its rule by a jealous, anguished Erishkigal. As a god he has the power to create and ease hardship. From the dirt under his fingernails, he creates the kurgarra and galatur, instinctual, asexual creatures Continue reading

(Prose) Embody the Sacred – Engaging Through the Senses by Deanne Quarrie


Ecstatic Dancer Art by Andrew Morton, Used with Permission

If you are like me and view Goddess as everything – the entire web of life – then we cannot be connected to Goddess only in our heads.

We must see Her, hear Her, feel Her, dance with Her, taste Her, smell Her and finally we must KNOW HER. Somehow we drifted away from our natural state, engaging in life with our natural senses, including the intuitive.

Once we were right-brain functioning species but over time, with the development of written alphabets and a fast paced, artificially constructed environment we have become mostly left brained in our approach to life. This keeps us in our heads and out of touch with our bodies.

Yes, we use our senses but we are not aware of using them! Continue reading

(Prose) Sequana and Blessed Water by Deanne Quarrie



Water is the daily necessity for earth’s creatures.

When the Continental Celts were looking for a new homeland, they ventured west from the known river valleys of the great landmass we call Eurasia. Just beyond the great mountains, the Alps, they discovered sweet and abundant water, fertile soil, expansive woodlands, and the plentiful fish, game, berries, grasses, fungi and broad-leafed plants necessary to support their tribe. Continue reading

(Video Prose) Kuan Yin and the Networked Dance of Connectivity and Compassion by Dr. Lila Moore

Dance of Compassion

The Dance of Compassion – Photo manipulation of a public domain photo by Yva including images of Kuan Yin by Lila Moore

In November, I visited Shanghai for the first time. I travelled there to participate in the Consciousness Reframed Conference at the De Tao Masters Academy. There, I presented a paper on the Techno Spiritual Horizons of Art and Compassionate Networked Art Forms. It was also an opportunity to meet Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, face to face, at the Jade Buddha Temple. Prior to my visit, my view of the Goddess was rather limited, especially in comparison to the actual encounter which, unexpectedly, granted me a magnificent vision. Continue reading

(Prose) Metamorphosis by Deanne Quarrie

Drawing by Deanne Quarrie

Drawing by Deanne Quarrie

Sometime between the ages of 35 and 55, give or take, a woman enters a phase in her life that can only be described as metamorphosis. Yes, most call it peri-menopausal or menopausal, but truly such changes occur in each woman’s life at this time and it truly is a metamorphosis.

It is that time in her life when she stops producing as much estrogen but the production is often haphazard, sporadic and certainly unpredictable. This affects every aspect of her life. She might notice her eyes being dry in the morning, feeling like grating sand when she tries to open them. Her bleeding times may come on at different intervals or not at all. She may bleed more – she Continue reading