(Prose) “Mary” As a Title by Alaya Dannu

Photo By Olaf Tausch. CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Holder of Mary – Entry dated October 14, 2015 – meditation:

Yesterday, I was told to rest. As the evening came along, I was informed that they’d have to give me another title. I did not know or understand at the time, what they were speaking about. They also implied that there was much work to be done.

So, this morning I meditated after waking up to find out what the new title is and what it may mean:

I saw an image of feminine hands holding a very old pot – clay or ceramic, maybe; and then I saw a hallway from an old Egyptian temple, in a soft glow of yellowish-gold; then a throne chair appeared at the very beginning of  Continue reading

(Essay 2) Mary Magdalene: The Gnostic Mary Magdalene by Joanna Kujawa


From Wikimedia Commons

It was only years later, while living in Melbourne and no longer connected to the Catholic Church, that I found my way back to the Gnostic Gospels. Surely I had heard something about the Gnostics when studying at the Pontifical Institute in Toronto? They had always interested me — the controversial and mysterious early Christian dissenters who thought they could interpret the gospels without the Church’s help. The Church persecuted them slowly and efficiently throughout the centuries and burned them as heretics. Continue reading

(Poem Prose 2) Witches in the Weeds by Sara Wright


Wikimedia Commons

Per Wikipedia, Datura “was known as an essential ingredient of potions and witches’ brews.” The word witch was first coined by the King James version of the Bible, which appeared in the 1600’s. A women’s holocaust occurred in Europe and the United States (Salem, Massachusetts, Abiquiu, New Mexico) in the 16th and 17th centuries when thousands, perhaps a few million rural women of all ages were burned as witches.  In a nutshell, women have been healers since ancient times. When men became “doctors” they took over the role of healer from women, and conveniently dispensed with the latter by burning them alive.

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(Poem Prose 1) Witches in the Weeds by Sara Wright


Wikimedia Commons

There she is in flight,

a shooting star on fire.

There she spirals eyeless

her blue wind births chaos.

There she moans bitterly

churning up dark waters.

There she plows fiercely

heaving up mountains. Continue reading

(Poem) Too Dark My Darling This Dementia by Phibby Venable

I meant to say good morningPhibby Mother pic.jpg

but a gray fox crossed my eyes

in a crazed gait toward nightfall

How could I sleep knowing

the day had been stolen

My eyes gritty with darkness

I walked all night to prove

it was really day

There was a banquet of delirium

and rivers of new wine spilling

into my youth

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(Essay 1) Mary Magdalene: The Myth and the Mirror by Joanna Kujawa


From Wikimedia Commons

For ages, tradition portrayed Mary Magdalene as a prostitute. Was it just the simple male fantasy of a beautiful sinner saved by Grace? The story itself probably wasn’t true. Two apostles (Mark 16:9 and Luke 8:2) describe how Yeshua expelled seven demons from Mary Magdalene, but nobody seems to know what this means. Hindu-inspired interpretations suggest the episode was in fact an awakening of Kundalini energy in her seven chakras, and a transformational experience in which all past negative tendencies could be expelled. Who knows? Continue reading

(Prose) Bleached Tree Roots by Sara Wright

Election Dream: November 9thSaraWpicture3.png

Just an image: I see bleached, broken, slashed, and severed tree roots scattered over the entire horizon – which seem to stretch out in front of me in all directions – the ground, as far as I can see, has become a wasteland.


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(Prose) The Traveling Cosmogony by Alaya Advaita Dannu

Photo Credit: Unsplash // Edited by Alaya A. Dannu

Photo Credit: Unsplash // Edited by Alaya A. Dannu

There are three devotional practices that I engage in every day. I will share the details of one of them, since it is the most striking and public display of “How” Goddess spirituality and activism.

“… you’d have to find the primordial waters of creation… … that is where I come from, that is what created me. I am from the Oldest of the Old. She/The Waters created itself from itself and then brought forth the sun. So light came from within darkness. … a nebulous space, mostly red in color, where stars were being created… … moving within this space is like swimming in water, only I am swimming amongst stars. A large eye appeared, manifested from the red gases of the nebula. In this eye – within its pupil – I can see more universes held within it… I reached out to it… … small stars swelled within it and fell from the Eye, floating/gravitating towards me. The Eye cried tears of stars… they clustered onto my fingertips, spreading out into a thin layer of light on my body… I was pulled back to fertile ground.”
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