(Art/Poem) You Do Not Speak For Me by Shiloh Sophia

Grieving America

You Do Not Speak For Me (resized)If you do not speak for the earth
You do not speak for me.
If you do not care for the water
You do not care for me.
If you do not protect our skies
You do not protect me.
If you do not see our firey sun
You do not see our food is on fire.

If you do not preserve our lands
You are destroying our home. Continue reading

Meet Mago Volunteer Simply Sumaiyah

Mago Intro PicArtist. Author. Alchemist…

“She is patient and kind
Gentle and loving to a fault
Never a demand on her mind
Part of Herstory, not the occult…At the age of eight I began to hear
Whispers of Her —
My Feminine Wisdom began to stir
Divine knowledge beyond my years…Always drawn to the spiritual and mystic
In 2012 She revealed Herself to me
But upbringing and religion kept me skeptic
Not realizing my calling, what was meant to be…

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