(Essay) The Gift Alternative by Genevieve Vaughan

Genevieve Vaughan

Although the South Korean economy is flourishing, the economic (and environmental) situation worldwide is worsening and many people are now convinced that a radical alternative to capitalism is necessary. Most people believe that the Communist experiment failed, so they are looking elsewhere for models. I believe that an alternative model already exists although we have been taught not to see it. It is based on mothering and being mothered, the central social interaction of childhood, which, because it is necessary for children’s survival, may be considered a cultural universal.

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(Art) Persephone by Jassy Watson


Persephone ©Jassy Watson

Persephone; daughter of Zeus and Demeter, Queen of the Underworld.

Persephone’s story is one of ascent and descent, of a journey from the light to dark and dark to light. It is a story of mother and daughter and of individuation; the path of becoming Woman. Continue reading

(Essay) The Disease of Patriarchal Capitalism by Genevieve Vaughan

Genevieve Vaughan

Genevieve Vaughan

Women’s Worlds, Ottawa, July 6, 2011

We European/Americans have been infected by the disease of patriarchal capitalism and we have carried it to all the populations where we have settled. For many of them it has been fatal, others have adapted but some have succeeded in defending themselves and their traditions against all odds.

This disease hurts us as well as everyone else. It is the cause of wars and oppresssions of all kinds. It magnifies racism, ageism, nationalism, religious prejudice. Let me try to say what I think it is. Continue reading

(Essay) Fighting Fascists in the Streets of Athens by Harita Meenee

Gravestone of Apollonia

Gravestone of Apollonia

In my previous blog post, “Sexuality and Politics,” I talked about Aphrodite as Dark Goddess combining the political and the erotic. In this post I explore her connection with death and the fear of death. I also describe my experiences as a member of the antiracist-antifascist movement in Greece. Confronting the Neo-Nazis has taught me quite a lot. Read on to find out more about these struggles!

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(Poem) This Time by Melissa La Flamme

16216218_10210635984632265_1792786746_n“To passively accept an unjust system is to cooperate with that system, and thereby to become a participant in its evil.” —Martin Luther King

This time, we resist
the reflex
to normalize
what dehumanizes,
the core
of the soul
of a nation
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(Art) “and you will be like God [sic]” from the Genesis of the Bible by Liz Darling

Liz Darling Darling_and-you-will-be-like-God300ppi

Watercolor,gouache,graphite,colored pencil, and collage on Arches paper, 2014

Artist’s Note- These paintings encompass ideas about female sexuality, the divine feminine, and religion. The experience of becoming a mother transformed the way I view the female body and the creation of life. Inspired by performing in Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues, I use the vulva as a symbol of female power. Continue reading

(Poem) A Small Woman by Phibby Venable


Wildflowers by Phibby Venable

my eyes stray from the patient I am with
to the one in a chair across the hall
short, puffy, silent – alone, the nurse whispers
to a nurse nearby
a small woman with tousled steel colored curls
waiting for open heart surgery and blinking
occasionally at the wall
I can tell you she is too small, too alone,
too frightened in her chair, a monotone
of being alone
and the next day too – it’s the same
sitting in her chair by the door
now holding a heart pillow, being told to press,
cough and press,
and she does so, she stays alive –
maybe she wonders why – but still, so obedient
to the requests of the nurse
her eyes living in distant fields
that I long to fill
with gentle family and wildflowers

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