(Book Excerpt 4) Single Mothers Speak on Patriarchy Ed. by Trista Hendren & Pat Daly

Call To Action

Trista Hendren


One question that repeatedly came up during the compilation of this anthology was: What can I do to help?

I have given this question a great deal of thought, and also posted it to the other contributors. The first thing I’d like to share is some personal experiences that made the biggest difference in my life and that of my children.

Single moms often need help in the practical, every day sense. I want to share this first because it’s something every person can do now that will help immediately while we wait for the systematic change that needs to happen. Continue reading

(Prose) Dog Days, Holly, Spears and Swords by Deanne Quarrie, D.Min.

We are in what are called the “dog days” of summer. Imagine that the ancients thought that Sirius (one of the dog constellations) was the cause of the extra hot and sultry days of summer because that star rose with the sun each day during this time and they actually thought we received heat from it. But no, there is no heat from Sirius, only the tilt of the earth, giving us more heat.

We have come to equate these dog days of summer with high running emotions – especially frustration and anger. Let’s face it, when we are hot and uncomfortable, our patience does run a bit thin! There are many aspects of our lives that warrant extra care during the dog days. When traveling with a pet, extra precautions need to be taken to keep your pet safe. During all the fun and frolic of outdoor bar-b-ques and picnics, steps need to be taken to assure that food is kept cold, as it will spoil much quicker in the heat. Continue reading

(Poem) Changing Woman Speaks by Sara Wright

Photo by Iren Schio

The two climbed steep hills

and rubble to reach the meadow.

The flat-topped mountain peered down

at the women

gathering stones (from her body)

as if they were diamonds.

Amber, moss, pearl white,

rose red and orange,

gray and ebony – a luminescence

emanated from each,

almost as if the moon had

infused each flake and boulder

with her translucent light. Continue reading

(Essay) The August Moon and the Virgin Mary by Harita Meenee

The August Moon and the Virgin Mary

Selene, the Moon Goddess, on a Roman sarcophagus. About 210 CE.Getty Villa ©Harita Meenee

To a Greek person, the word “August” brings two things to mind. One is the August moon. Captivating and erotic, we observe it with awe as it spreads its glow on the dark sea waters. It keeps on striking a chord. Strange? Not at all since the moon is a powerful archetypal symbol. Myths, which speak the language of the soul, adore it. Almost all peoples and cultures have created traditions and beliefs related to it.

Continue reading

(Book Announcement) Dark Matters by Susan Hawthorne

Front cover image by Suzanne Bellamy, Road Map, 2004.

Language makes us. But we too remake language. And ourselves. If we listen, imagine, invent.

Listen to me. Listen to my language. Once upon a time it was the language of the birds. Did you listen then? Are you listening now?

I’m a person out of place. Perhaps a person without a place. But that cannot be. Surely, everyone has a place? But is the place in this time?

Let me begin again. Once upon a time … it was a very long time ago. More generations than you can count on your hands and your toes. It was in the time when the first stirrings of language were in our throats. A time of gurgling and burbling, of whistling and of singing. Continue reading

(Essay 2) The Feminine Principle of Communication by Genevieve Vaughan

Genevieve Vaughan

What is the connection of all this with language?

In the first place, I would like to say something that goes back to the connection between economics and language. This is that basically, communication is a non-sign process. This doesn’t mean I believe it works on ESP, but rather that it is basically material communication, the giving and receiving of things that satisfy needs, that creates relations between us and to things. It creates bodies and minds that are related to each other as similar with respect to many different types of things. (I consume “X” and you consume “X”-while “X” does not consume us-we are similar with regard to “X”, which is different from us but similar to other “X’s”, which may be consumed in other moments by us or by others like us).

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(Prose) Letter to Cypress: We have Forgotten our Roots by Janie Rezner

The Moors, 1990. Jean Claude Photographercroped.

[Author’s Note: Cypress was an older divorced woman, about my age, in her late  60’s, living in Bolinas, California, a  wonderful village, filled with  creative/hippy like  folks.  The way into Bolinas was to follow the sign, BOLINAS, on a cutoff from Highway one.  The townsfolk, preferring their own company, took the sign down regularly.  I was living in Berkeley at the time and often spent the night with Cypress in her sturdy redwood home–already deep in my journey.  This letter came from my heart to hers. March, 1997, Mendocino]

Dear Cypress,

I’ve been thinking about you and wanted to drop you a little note. Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality, once again. Good to connect with you . . . and get more of a sense of who you are. Takes time for people to get acquainted, don’t you agree? Continue reading

(Book Excerpt 3) Single Mothers Speak on Patriarchy Ed. by Trista Hendren & Pat Daly

Angry Medusa

Nile Pierce


Those of us,

the single mothers,

The war veterans, battle worn,

the recipients of brainwash techniques

that’ve severed the heads of millions of Medusas

Since the dawn of time, or, more appropriately

Since the beginning of male-dominated everything Continue reading

(Poem & Art) Caterpillar by Andrea Nicki and Liz Darling

Art by Liz Darling

You’re back to caterpillar
going inch by inch
but this time you have a strut
bolder colours, bristles
are less appetizing for predators
You have more courage to be out
in the open, to hang by a thread
in the winds of chance
more trust you will be blown
to an opportune perch
You are more worldly Continue reading

(Essay 1) The Feminine Principle of Communication by Genevieve Vaughan

When the question arises of determining a practice, both on the individual and the group level, which is a radical alternative to existing to harmful practice, it is extremely useful to have a theory by which it may be examined, inspired, and guided. It would be surprising if the non-participating victims and silent partners of war, abuse and oppression did not have a world view which was in reality quite different from that of the purveyors of violence. When I was just becoming a feminist the dilemma appeared to me in these terms: Why if women are not inferior to men have we not succeeded in being like them? The answer to that seems to be that we have a radically different ‘way’-different needs, interests, perceptions, rewards, patterns of behavior. Since we make up 52% of humanity, this different ‘way’ is at least as widespread as men’s ways. We can identify this by saying that it exists concretely as the nurturing practice of women as opposed to the competitive hierarchical practice of men.1

Continue reading

(Poem) Sardinia’s treasures by Susan Hawthorne

Figure 1 Three breasted baetyls.

In January 2014 I visited Sardinia because I had been reading about the extraordinary archaeological richness of the island. There are Paleolithic, Megalithic and Bronze Age treasures – of the last the most spectacular being the nuraghe, stone towers built without mortar – and on Sardinia I also stumbled across those marvellous baetyls, small breasted sacred stones.

I am fascinated by our stone and rock heritage all around the world and Sardinia is one of those places that has seen many cultures pass through from prehistory right up to the present.

This poem, about the travels of Agnese and Lupa (lamb and wolf), picks up on those histories. Lupa, the she-wolf is speaking at the beginning. Continue reading

(Special Post) Discussion on Mother-Daughter Wound by Mago Circle Members

[Mago Circle members discussed and answered the question, “What do you think of this (the topic article below)? If you are a feminist, it is something that you would promote? If so, why? If not, why not?” The discussion took place on May 15, 2017 and shortly thereafter in The Mago Circle.]

Topic Article: “For The Daughters Who Don’t Love Their Mothers – Screw Mother’s Day” by Sade Andria Zabala

Everyone talks about a mother’s unconditional love. But what if it doesn’t exist? Daughters are socially expected to be close with their mothers. But are you one of the women who aren’t?

Mother’s Day isn’t just for celebrating moms. It’s a day some of us dread because we are reminded we grew up (or are still) unloved, not good enough. (Read the whole article here.) Continue reading