(Essay) Samhain/Deep Autumn Ceremony by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D.

shed-skins-and-threadAt the base of the inspirations for this seasonal rite as I have scripted it, is Robin Morgan’s poem “The Network of the Imaginary Mother”,[1] and some portions of the script are directly her words. This whole poem had moved me for years, and I had dramatized parts of it in ceremony before, but the particular passage that was now finding a place in the celebration of Samhain is this one:

Drawn from the first by what I would become,

I did not know how simple this secret could be.

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(Prose) Noli me tangere by Nane Jordan

Photo by Nane Jordan

Photo by Nane Jordan

Amazing, I am holed up (as in: a refuge, a cave) for three days in St. Maximin, an ancient little village holding the gothic basilica of Mary Magdalene. Her relics, especially her skull, are on display in the crypt, sheathed in gold, and held by golden angels. The small stone entrance to this crypt is inviting, a quiet place to dwell underground with her mysteries. Horseshoe carvings, all over the walls that go down into the crypt, are inscribed into the stone by pilgrims past.

This cathedral housing her mortal remains is run down, in need of repair. It is like a relic itself, with its crumbling stone facade. But there is the beauty of what is falling down, the ancient feeling of such a place.

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(Poem) Knowing Mago Calendar by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

2017 Mago Work Calendar. Artwork by Anna Tzanova.

[Author’s Note: This poem was an offshoot of an essay on Magoist Calendar and Nine Numerology, to be included in the forthcoming anthology, Celebrating Seasons of the Goddess (Mago Books, 2017). I thank Genevieve Vaughan, Danica Anderson, and Harriet Ann Ellenbeger who have given me feedback to the article and inspiration to this poem.]

Mago Calendar is the umbilical cord of the Great Goddess,

the umbilical cord that re-members the Beginning Story of us all terrestrial beings,

that enables the one and many songs/dances of the Earth,

and that nourishes the human world to sing the chorus to the cosmic lullaby.


Mago Calendar is the grand wheel of the Great Mother,

the grand wheel that spirals the inter-cosmic orbit of truth, goodness, and beauty,

that carries all earthlings to the fullest becoming,

and that builds bridges into the inter-protonic galaxies.


Mago Calendar is the everlasting blessing of the Nine Mago Creatrix,

the everlasting blessing that scripts the ecstasy of Heavenly Numerology,

that charts the Earth’s metamorphosis from the infinite to the physical,

and that unfolds the Reality of the Mago Time, WE/HERE/NOW.

(Meet Mago Contributor) Helen Hye-Sook Hwang.

(Prose) “Mary” As a Title by Alaya Dannu

Photo By Olaf Tausch. CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Holder of Mary – Entry dated October 14, 2015 – meditation:

Yesterday, I was told to rest. As the evening came along, I was informed that they’d have to give me another title. I did not know or understand at the time, what they were speaking about. They also implied that there was much work to be done.

So, this morning I meditated after waking up to find out what the new title is and what it may mean:

I saw an image of feminine hands holding a very old pot – clay or ceramic, maybe; and then I saw a hallway from an old Egyptian temple, in a soft glow of yellowish-gold; then a throne chair appeared at the very beginning of  Continue reading

(Book excerpt) Celebrating Her/My/Our Everyday Sacred Journey Around Sun by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D.

This essay is from She Rises: How Goddess Feminism, Activism and Spirituality? Volume 2 edited by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, Mary Ann Beavis and Nicole Shaw, Mago Books, 2016.


A poetic map or Her seasonal wheel

My Goddess devotional practice of celebrating Her in the Seasonal wheel of the year grew over decades, from small humble occasional affairs to elaborate consistent well-planned events; as I came to be aware of the power of conversing with Her in this way, and also with others who desired to participate.

Participation in the annual Seasonal wheel process, particularly when practised as a whole year-long experience and over the period of years, re-identifies one’s small self with the larger Gaia-Self. It is a practice of coming to know Her … it may be at times “playing like we know, until we know”.[1] Continue reading

(Prose) Immaculate First Child by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D.


1973 christian hippie child

She had not really accepted that her body was female. Such a body had no validity, it was not the real thing. Yet here she was apparently pregnant. Her abdomen was beginning to bulge in a very unfamiliar way. She looked at it in amazement. That amazement in itself was one story, but it was one that could not be thought through right now. The story most pressing was, what was she going to do? She was young, single, a college student. Would she tell her mother? Would she marry the father?

She was of spiritual inclination … a Christian hippie variety; sufficiently hippie to allow her to fall into bed with her bloke, Continue reading

(Essay) The Controversy of the ‘Old Religion’: The Necessity of Intrafaith Dialogue by Patricia ‘Iolana

Avebury Circle and Chapel - Photo by Patricia 'Iolana

Avebury Circle and Chapel – Photo by Patricia ‘Iolana

As a presenter in the Contemporary Pagan Studies Group at the recent American Academy of Religion, I was looking forward to the possibility of some meaningful intrafaith dialogue (dialogue between members of the same faith tradition) among members of my own faith community. While I had a wonderful time at the annual meeting and connected with a wide range of both radical and reformist scholars in a variety of sub-fields, I found the annual meeting to be a rather solitary affair amongst 10,000 attendees. Granted, my Continue reading

(Prose) Dark Matrix, Dark Matter, Dark Mother by Rhyannan



The Dark Mother ‘face’ of the Goddess has probably existed since the beginnings of self-reflective awareness.   In fact, it is likely that so-called ‘primitive’ concepts of both the Bright and Dark Mother precede any distinct concept of a Goddess as deity — recognized only as an all-pervading ‘Presence’, most commonly referred to as ‘the Great Mother’.


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(Prose) Reacquainted with the juice by Nane Jordan

Photo by Jane Jordan

Photo by Jane Jordan

A wonderful, magical weekend. Spent with sister-scholars, friends, mentors and elders from the Women’s Spirituality Masters of Arts program in the San Francisco Bay area, a trip I have made many times, down the great fault-line running through the mountainous, volcano-strewn landscape of the West Coast, from British Columbia to California. My very own pilgrimage route to be inspired/inspirited in the close conversations and practices I experience there, a weekend spent with colleagues I love and admire, who have supported the many years of my developing voice, scholarship, and art. A community Continue reading

(Prose 2) The Cailleach: The Ancestral Mother of Scotland By Jude Lally


Cailleach – Photo by Jude Lally

A Wild and Ancient Site

There are many sites across Scotland and Ireland relating to the Cailleach for there wasn’t just one Cailleach as she had many sisters. Less than one hundred miles from where I grew up is the long loch of Loch Tay in Scotland. If you were to take to the hills until you reach Glen Tay, then continue onto Tigh na Cailliche (Glen Cailleach), you will come across the little structure of Tigh Nam Bodach, the Shrine of the Cailleach. It is possibly the only surviving shrine to the Cailleach in all of Scotland.

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