(Book Excerpt 2) People of the Sea by Jack Dempsey

In People of the Sea Part III, the Sea Peoples (Pulesati or Philistines) begin to fit in among Near Eastern Canaanites. This excerpt recounts the Creation story recorded on tablets from ancient Ugarit—the “original” story radically changed in the later Bible’s Genesis:

–You will find your way, Radharani smiled. –Sure as El found the ocean.

For as she told it, in the very beginning El, Beneficent Bull who reigned from his mighty horned mountain, looked down on the sublimity and dewy freshness of the world. Turning his gaze in every direction, El basked in what he alone had created and accomplished. Yet, among all the green and gray distances surrounding him, half of what El saw was blue, in a place and a way that was not the sky. So did El descend his mountain, to see what this different blue was. Continue reading

(Prose) Níðhöggr by Deanne Quarrie


Art by Deanne Quarrie.

I am a student of Northern European/Old Icelandic Seidr. What I find particularly fascinating in my studies are not the deities but rather the creatures living on the World Tree along with the Primordial Giants who predated the gods.

One such creature is Níðhöggr, the “Derision Striker.” Níðhöggr is a great dragon who lives at the base of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. She gnaws on the roots of the tree, stimulating new growth. Her home stretches from icy Niflheim, near what is called the “Roaring Kettle”, the sacred well of all the rivers of Niflheim, all the way to Dead Man’s Shore in Helheim where she devours the piled corpses.

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(Prose) Three Sisters by Deanne Quarrie

From time to time I dive into the idea of seeing the Triple Goddess as Sisters rather than Mother, Maiden, Crone.  I must confess that the idea of Sister Goddesses, complete in their familial connectedness, representing unity, connection, and interdependency, is very appealing.  We, who practice Goddess Spirituality, strive in our relationships to reflect this in our work together.  Shared power!

If I were to look at the sisterhoods individually, I enjoy the Ananke and the Moirae from Greek mythology.  I like them because they represent a balance.  One side setting the standards and the other, enforcing them!  A perfect example of the laws of cause and effect! Continue reading

(Prose) Elys and the Mother Bear by Glenys Livingstone


Once upon a now, who knows for how long, there were women who lived most of their lives locked in one room of their vast houses. They didn’t know that their houses were vast, many storied and many roomed, because when the women were children they were repeatedly only told of this one beautiful room, where it was said their greatest happiness was to be found. Its colours, textures and furniture were sung about by the greatest authorities. And so it was that many a growing girl aspired to this room, and many a woman eagerly sought it; for to miss it, it was said, would be the greatest of tragedies, if not indeed the greatest of transgressions. But many more women simply tripped into it by accident, since everything else was a bit obscure. Continue reading

(Essay 2 Part 1) Poet as Initiate: A Rebirth of the Goddess & The Darkmother in Women’s Poetry in the 70’s by Louisa Calio

Poet as Initiate: A Rebirth of the Goddess & The Darkmother in Women’s Poetry in the 70’s[i]

(for my mother Rosa)

She is you, she is me, she is our mother’s murmurings, chantings, hummings all her days[ii]

Rites of Isis

When I first wrote those lines in the early 1970’s, I hadn’t yet named the process going on within me, nor had I discovered the works of Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum, which would link the dark mother to my own Sicilian and Neapolitan heritage, as well as our collective African roots. I had seen my life undergoing major transitions, a divorce, job loss, a descent, as well as explorations into new and submerged territories of learning, a “remembering” of African culture and religion as well as a reconnection to people from Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia. Continue reading

(Prose) The Grotto by Nane Jordan


Photo by Nane Jordan

This morning I hiked up the mountain of St. Baume, through the beautiful, ancient Druid forest, to Mary Magdalene’s cave where she spent the last 30 years of her life as a contemplative. The hike was wonderful, good for my soul to be in such an old forest. The view from the cave was sublime. As was the sheer rock face that rises from where forest meets ancient stone stairs, winding up to the cave entrance.

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(Essay 1) Poet as Initiate: A Rebirth of the Goddess In Contemporary Women Poets of the Spirit by Louisa Calio

Poet as Initiate: A Rebirth of the Goddess In Contemporary Women Poets of the Spirit- I[1]

THERE IS SOMETHING wonderful happening. One could call it a reclamation of something lost or forgotten, certainly something distorted and suppressed. It comes by many names: Moon Goddess or Divine Mother, the feminine consciousness and yin spirit. It is the half of divine consciousness omitted in traditional worship of the Father God. SHE is reemerging today as the result of the in­ner work of a growing number of women artists who, while in search of themselves, amid confusion of masculine and feminine roles in their own time, came upon a larger vision for all time – a mystical feminine revelation. Continue reading

(Poem) Spring Equinox Dance by Andrea Nicki

Art by Jen Delyth.

Some placed offerings

on the room’s center altar

One woman added a green blown glass bird

She said her daughter made it when she was 17

Now in her 30’s she lives in Alaska

but last week took flight from her husband and job

We expressed hope for her safe journey

and transplantation Continue reading

(Book Excerpt 4) New Love by Trista Hendren and Arna Baartz

Copyright Arna Baartz

Copyright Arna Baartz

Arna’s Introduction

First, I want to thank you for reading this. By doing this work you are literally changing our world, you are taking All That Is a step further in its evolution! You are a miracle, a warrior, a being of incredible, intelligent light and your determination to clean up your thoughts and create a peaceful, mindful inner world will have lasting, positive consequences for generations to come.

I like to think of the individual mind as the cornerstone of Continue reading

(Essay) The Gift Alternative by Genevieve Vaughan

Genevieve Vaughan

Although the South Korean economy is flourishing, the economic (and environmental) situation worldwide is worsening and many people are now convinced that a radical alternative to capitalism is necessary. Most people believe that the Communist experiment failed, so they are looking elsewhere for models. I believe that an alternative model already exists although we have been taught not to see it. It is based on mothering and being mothered, the central social interaction of childhood, which, because it is necessary for children’s survival, may be considered a cultural universal.

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(Prose) Liminal Time and Space by Deanne Quarrie

The word liminal comes from the Latin word līmen, meaning “a threshold.” The word threshold has several definitions. It can be the sill of a doorway or the entrance of a building. Ultimately, it means any place of point of entering or beginning. In psychology the term limen means the point at which a stimulus is of sufficient intensity to begin to produce an effect.dawn

Limduskinal time therefore, is that moment when something changes from one state to another. Examples would be dawn, when the morning sun rises high enough in the sky to bring daylight. Another is dusk, when the evening sun sinks into the horizon bringing nightfall. Continue reading