(Poem & Art) Caterpillar by Andrea Nicki and Liz Darling

Art by Liz Darling

You’re back to caterpillar
going inch by inch
but this time you have a strut
bolder colours, bristles
are less appetizing for predators
You have more courage to be out
in the open, to hang by a thread
in the winds of chance
more trust you will be blown
to an opportune perch
You are more worldly Continue reading

(Art) Gaia#72: Benediction – We Who Are All Bless-ed by Deborah Jane Milton, Ph.D.

Art by Deborah Jane Milton, Ph.D.

Life’s mandate:
Everything created here
over billions of years
beholden one to the other. Continue reading

(Prose) Linden Trees: Taste the Sweetness of Summer by Deanne Quarrie

We are in the season of summer and we have just celebrated the Solstice. I work with Ogham in my spiritual practice because it brings nature into my life so effectively. It helps me listen to the many messages available to me from my kindred in nature. In the Celtic tradition, heather is the tree for the Summer Solstice, something we can all associate with Scotland and Ireland, but the linden is the alternate tree for this season, and this tree is actually much more prevalent all over Europe.

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(Video) The Dreaming Tree of Life Sisterhood Daily Meditation by Shekhina Weaver

Our theme this third Moon after Winter Solstice is:

The rape of Wild Earth Life – the Triple Goddess, the Maiden, Mother and Crone
This rape/war has many aspects: the use of nuclear energy/weapons, fossil fuels, global warming, deforestation, pesticides/all kind of poisons, biotechnology/GMO/hybridization, consumerism (taking more from the Earth than we need), buildings/roads/towns/ that do not blend with the natural Beauty of the Earth, movements and sounds that are not in alignment with the silence and natural soundscape of the Earth, technology that is in one way or another destructive, animal experimentation/sexual abuse, ill treatment of animals as such, abusing animals for sport/circus, the separation of domesticated animal mothers and their offspring etc. etc.

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(Essay 3) Magoist Calendar: The Mago Time inscribed in Sonic Numerology by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

Art by Liz Darling

[Author’s Note: This is my latest research that has led me to restore the 13-month, 28-day Mago Calendar, which will be included at the end of its sequels. A revised version of these essays is coming as a monograph, Magoist Calendar, The Mago Time inscribed in Sonic Numerology, forthcoming in 2017 by Mago Books.]


Then, the Earth had increasingly so much work in all regions. Biodiversity went overboard. The terrestrial song became uncontrollable. The initial calendar became defunct. Lifeforms were left uncoordinated. The Earth fell into disorder, as she had no one to tune the song of earthlings in harmony with the cosmic music of creativity. The Earth was in need of sentient beings who could undertake the task. Mago’s descendants were to be born. Humans were entrusted to cultivate the earthly sound property by the Nine Mago Creatrix. The Budoji writes: Continue reading

(Poem) Wildflower Moon Pyre and Prayer by Sara Wright

Photo by Sara Wright

I stood out under the thick gray clouds

And listened to the bird song,

the roaring river flood,

watched the swallows

soaring overhead

cutting the invisible link between

earth and sky

with sword like precision

and wished I could stay…

I stopped the thought

pulling back the thread –

Coming here at all

was a gift beyond imagining. Continue reading

(Poetry) Nature’s Grace by Amina Rodriguez

Photography by Amina Rodriguez

Nature reached out to me…

Through the window in my room through a tree..

Through reaching branches and rustling leaves…

I grabbed on to her without hesitation..

Without a thought without question…

I felt her branches and grasped them tightly…

What a graceful invitation…

Unasked and unwarranted..

At the time what I understood was this thought which has stayed with me still… Continue reading

(Prose) Spring Rain by Sara Wright

Photo by Sara Wright.

For the last couple of days we have had cloudy weather with a few irregular cloudbursts bringing much needed rain to our Juniper clustered high desert…When it rains earth tones deepen and the stones that line my paths standout like people. Perhaps they are Kachinas, after all.

Kachinas are on my mind because these holy people come down from the mountains to help the Tewa  pueblo peoples invoke the rain – gods that will help the crops grow. Squash, corn, and beans remind me that the Three Sister’s technology lives on. The Kachinas have been around since the winter solstice but they stay hidden until the spring dances begin at the pueblos… Continue reading

(Poetry) Prayer to the Mother by Amina Rodriguez

Photography by Amina Rodriguez

I feel deeply troubled and a bit unsettled.

I feel strongly a pull in two directions.

Loving passionately and despising at once.

I fear to look at what is hiding inside me…

The truth of the roots of all my pain

A reflection of what is out there around me

I ask the universe for the courage to dive within

I know the answers to all that ails me lies there

Something keeps pulling me away distracting me from myself my truth my own love. Continue reading

(Prose) Níðhöggr by Deanne Quarrie


Art by Deanne Quarrie.

I am a student of Northern European/Old Icelandic Seidr. What I find particularly fascinating in my studies are not the deities but rather the creatures living on the World Tree along with the Primordial Giants who predated the gods.

One such creature is Níðhöggr, the “Derision Striker.” Níðhöggr is a great dragon who lives at the base of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. She gnaws on the roots of the tree, stimulating new growth. Her home stretches from icy Niflheim, near what is called the “Roaring Kettle”, the sacred well of all the rivers of Niflheim, all the way to Dead Man’s Shore in Helheim where she devours the piled corpses.

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