(Special Post) Why I am a RTM Contributor by Sara Wright

Sara Wright

Sara Wright

I think it’s very important to support the creative works of other women in a feminist context. I also think that it’s important to comment on what others have written to help them to feel seen and heard. We feminists must work harder than others to be acknowledged and MAGO has been a beacon in the night for those of us who continue to choose this life -path.

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(Special Post) To Contributors: Strengthening Our Roots by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

The three-colored circles in nine corners represent the sun ray, gynocentric creativity in a full blossom.

The three-colored circles in nine corners represent the sun ray, gynocentric creativity in a full blossom.

Dear Contributors,

Do you know that Return to Mago (RTM) E*Magazine is entering its fifth year this fall? And, thanks to our collective effort, we are still growing! As of today, our contributors have grown to more than 130 in number and our readership is from about 140 countries around the world. We have some hundred email followers as well as WordPress blog followers. We draw 3000-4000 clicks per month on average; that is no small accomplishment for a Goddess blog that is named after a yet-to-be heard word, Mago (the Great Goddess), and that began from scratch. Continue reading

(Special Post) Why I am committed to RTM as Executive Editor by Rev Dr Patricia ‘Iolana

Rev Dr Patricia 'Iolana

Rev Dr Patricia ‘Iolana

[Editor’s Note: Patricia ‘Iolana has newly joined RTM with her distinguished specialities in RTM’s prime topics and rich experiences as both practitioner and researcher. We are deeply honored and grateful for her gift-sharing commitment to RTM. Welcome and thank you for your blessings, Patricia!]

About a month ago, Helen emailed me and enquired if I would be willing to take on the role of Executive Editor for Return to Mago E*Magazine; I didn’t hesitate to say yes. A few days ago, she asked me to respond to why I am committed to RTM as the new EE. I have to admit that, initially, I found this question a bit unsettling. I realised it bothered me because I had to ask myself why I agreed to commit to this position in the first place. I’m not Continue reading

(Special post) What It Means to Be Co-Founder of RTM by Rosemary Mattingley

Rosemary Mattingley

Rosemary Mattingley

[Editor’s Note: In retrospect, Dr. Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, Founding Director and Co-editor of RTM, has recently nominated Rosemary Mattingley as Co-founder of RTM for her essential role with an unflagging commitment at the time of beginning years and to this day. This essay is a response to that nomination. We are truly blessed and privileged to have Rosemary with us! Thank you, Rosemary!]

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(Special Post 1) “The Oldest Civilization” and its Agendas by Mago Circle Members

12742079_952745341470248_3920984199543071341_n-e1457121661528[Editor’s Note: The following discussion took place in response to an article listed blow by the members of The Mago Cirlce, Facebook group of Goddessians/Magoists from May 6 to May 10, 2016. Readers are recommended to read the original article linked below that has invoked the converation.]

“The Danube Civilization: Oldest in the World” in The Ancient Ones upon the ruins of our ancestors, published April 3, 2016. 

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(Special Post 8) Why Goddess Feminism, Activism, and Spirituality?

Heart Opening: Re-Emergence of the Sacred Feminine No.1" (c) 2008 Carol Hiltner; found online at http://altaimir.org/gallerystore.htm

Heart Opening: Re-Emergence of the Sacred Feminine No.1″ (c) 2008 Carol Hiltner; found online at http://altaimir.org/gallerystore.htm

[Editor’s Note: This was first proposed in The Mago Circle, Facebook Group, on March 6, 2014. We have our voices together below and publish them in sequels. Special thanks to Trista Hendren, founder and author of The Girl God, who passionately and painstakingly promotes the message of each contributor via Facebook’s memes. Without Trista’s devotion to the advocacy, this collective effort would not have continued.  It is an ongoing project and we encourage our reader to join us! Submit yours today to Helen Hwang (magoism@gmail.com). Or visit and contact someone in Return to Mago’s Partner Organizations.]

Marija Krstic-Chin To remember who we really are (nature, cycles, network, creative force, one, infinite…) for the benefit of all of humanity and all living things; and to unite and unify as we broadcast, hand down, protect and defend this truth and each other against the oppressive intentions and actions of patriarchal perpetrators, puppets, and pawns who seek to enslave us by various old and new divide-and-conquer strategies.

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