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Dates: October 7 to October 20, 2014.

What makes 2014 Mago Pilgrimage compelling?

The encounter of the topic of Mago for my dissertational research in 2000 was the most significant event in my life that endowed me with a sense of life’s purpose. I found the Original Vision in Mago, the Great Goddess. Now the encounter with Mago Castle in Mt. Jiri during 2013 Mago Pilgrimage to Korea explains me why I invite people from around the world to the cradle of Magoism. Reality is unfolding. All we need to do is to keep walking with the Original Vision.

1. Be part of the public unveiling of Mago Castle in Blue Crane Village (Cheonghak-dong) Mt. Jiri, nearly four-millenniaun-old traditional Magoist village in Korea.

2. Experience ancient female cultures of Korea shrouded in modern outlook

3. Proclaim the reality of the Great Goddess in which all are related as kindred

Classes will be offered in preparation for 2014 Mago Pilgrimage, co-taught by Dr. Hwang and Dr. Livingstone. Please join us in the online class, Gaia and Mago: Rekindling Old Gynocentric Unity, is offered from Feb. 15 throughout July 19, 2014. Discount is available for 2014 Mago Pilgrimage participants (See the link for more info).

Regions to visit include: Seoul and Gyeonggi, Jeju Island, South and North Jeolla Provinces, and/or Mt. Jiri Cheonghak-dong Mago-seong (Mago Castle in Blue Crane Village).

Mago-seong in Mt. Jiri will be highlight for this journey. See Mago-seong and other sites in Mt. Jiri here.

Theme: Vision on the Edge: Celebrating WE in Mago, the Primordial Mother

Executive director and co-facilitatorDr. Helen Hwang

Co-facilitatorDr. Glenys Livingstone

Official language: English

What we do:

  • Cultural, historical, and geographical introduction
  • Traditional religions including Muism (Shamanism) and Buddhism
  • Goddess shrines and female cultures
  • Dolmens and stone cultures
  • Magoist culture, custom, art, and historical sites in Mago Castle
  • Cultivating knowledge and spirituality about Mago, the Primordial Mother
  • Exposure to Sinseondo (Way of Sinseon Transcendants), another name for Magoism

​How we do:

  • Guided tours
  • Public events: conference, symposium, and colloquium
  • Meeitng with local persons
  • Rituals
  • Mind/body/heart meditation and sharing our stories
  • Hilking to mountian altars
  • Fun and shopping

Tentative schedule:

Oct. 7 Arrival in Incheon/Seoul Airport (Oct. 5 or 6 recommended to ease jetlag)

Oct. 8-11 Seoul and Gyeonggi: National Museum of Korea, Gut (Shaman ritual by mudang), Gyeongbok Palace, Insadong, Ganghwa Island

Oct. 9 or 10 (2-6 PM) Symposium, Seoul National University

Oct. 11-15 Jeju Island: Goddess shrines and female cultures

Oct. 12 (6:30-8:30 PM) Public Lecture

Oct. 13 Colloquium

Oct. 15-16: Visit or templestay in Unju Temple

Oct. 16-20 or 21 Mt. Jiri, Cheonghak-dong (Blue Crane Village) Mago-seong (Mago Castle), Buddhist and Shaman shrines

Oct. 17 Hike to Peak of the Three Gods and more

Oct. 18 (10-3 PM) Inter-cultural Goddess Conference, co-sponsored by Cheonghak-dong Mago-seong

Oct. 19 Festival of Return to Mago, 6 Movements of Live Reality Drama (out of 81 Movements) scripted and directed by Master Hanpul

Oct. 21 Departure in Incheon/Seoul Airport

Contact: Dr. Helen Hwang (magoacademy@gmail.com)

Read detailed programs and schedule here.

Register today, it is still open! Please email me for the information and the Registration Form. (Helen Hwang, magoism@gmail.com)

Palace of the Three Foundational Sages of Korea, Mt. Jiri (modern replica)

Passage to Mago Castle: Palace of the Three Foundational Sages of Korea, Mt. Jiri (modern replica)

Palace of the Three Foundational Sages of Korea, Mt. Jiri (modern replica)

Passage to Mago Castle: Palace of the Three Foundational Sages of Korea, Mt. Jiri (modern replica)


Passage to Mago Castle: Palace of the Three Foundational Sages of Korea, Mt. Jiri (modern replica)


(Last updated August 21, 2014)

2 thoughts on “2014 MAGO PILGRIMAGE TO KOREA

  1. Thank you, Jayne! Yes, it will be an awesome program in which visit to Mt. Jiri as well as Jeju Island will be our highlight. We will witness the grand view of Mago Castle in Mt. Jiri that has been kept privately in modern times! This will be another revelation even to me and I anticipate our seeing and experiencing will change our view of WE as goddess people! Looking forward to doing it with you, Glenys, MaryAnn, and many more who will join us!


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