Online Class: Gaia and Mago, Rekindling Old Gynocentric Unity

Mago Academy

Thank you so much for joining the first section of Gaia and Mago class. Participants are Amy Barron Smolinski, MaryAnn Columbia, Ruth Gould Goodman, Majorie Preece, Yvonne Lucia, Lydia Ruyle, Harriet Ellenberger, Vana Kim Hansen, and Rosemary Mattingley. (updated June 3, 2014)

We are pleased to announce the first online class that Mago Academy offers!

Gaia and Mago, Rekindling Old Gynocentric Unity

Co-taught by Dr. Helen Hye-Sook Hwang and Dr. Glenys Livingstone

February 15, 2014 throughout July 19, 2014

Explore and cultivate with us, Dr. Livingstone and Dr. Hwang, the primordial knowing of the Great Goddess! With the following themes, we invite you to the intellectual/spiritual/emotional adventure of self-transformation available in the old traditions of Gaia and Mago. By engaging in cross-cultural investigations, discover the Gynocentric Background, Source of Life and Power, beneath the patriarchal foreground. Celebrate with us unity of all beings in Gaia and Mago, the matrix that has sustained us all. Witness the rebirth of WE in our time!

Session 1: Introduction – Gaia and Mago – Primordial Mothers

Session 2: Stories of Mago and Gaia

Session 3: Sacred Sites of Gaia and Mago

Session 4: Times of Transition from Gynocracy to Patriarchy

Session 5: Gaia and Mago Then and Now

Session 6: Finding WE in the Primordial Mother Goddess

Method: Six Monthly Webinars and Weekly Discussions. Each month we will provide a reading list and video/audio materials that will guide you throughout the month. Each week, everyone is encouraged to report and discuss your reading and spiritual practices in a webpage in Mago Academy. Dr. Hwang and Dr. Livingstone will join on a weekly basis to respond and discuss the key topics.

Fee: $180.00. Mago Pilgrimage special $150.00, if you had made a deposit to 2014 Mago Pilgrimage. (From “underdeveloped countries,” please inquire about scholarship opportunity via email!)

You may enter your amount of fee to pay below:

Registration: Please fill out below and send it to us via email to

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2. Contact info (email and phone no.)
3. Affiliation (Institute or Organization)
4. Brief Introduction of yourself
5. Questions or comments

5 thoughts on “Online Class: Gaia and Mago, Rekindling Old Gynocentric Unity

    • Dear Vana (Dr. Hansen),

      Thanks so much for joining us in this epochal event! We are also very excited that you joined us. Look forward to sharing and dis-covering with you. Helen

      P.S. Please view and begin to post esp. in “Who We Are” in our cyber-classroom. There Dr. Glenys Livingstone can meet you!


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