(Book Announcement 2) Celebrating Seasons of the Goddess by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, Ph.D. & Mary Ann Beavis, Ph.D.

Forthcoming 2017 by Mago Books.

Editors: Helen Hye-Sook Hwang and Mary Ann Beavis

Below from Introduction


Mary Ann Beavis

As co-editor of this volume, my primary role has been editorial. As such, I have, as with She Rises II, chosen, along with my co-editor, to respect various English spelling and punctuation conventions (U.S., U.K., Canadian, etc.), rather that forcing uniformity.

As one of the first readers of the entire volume, I have been impressed and educated by the many perspectives on Goddess Continue reading

(Book Announcement) Dark Matters by Susan Hawthorne

Front cover image by Suzanne Bellamy, Road Map, 2004.

Language makes us. But we too remake language. And ourselves. If we listen, imagine, invent.

Listen to me. Listen to my language. Once upon a time it was the language of the birds. Did you listen then? Are you listening now?

I’m a person out of place. Perhaps a person without a place. But that cannot be. Surely, everyone has a place? But is the place in this time?

Let me begin again. Once upon a time … it was a very long time ago. More generations than you can count on your hands and your toes. It was in the time when the first stirrings of language were in our throats. A time of gurgling and burbling, of whistling and of singing. Continue reading

(Art) Luna by Liz Darling

These works are an exploration of what I perceive as sacred. I am viscerally drawn to earth-based spirituality and in giving voice to the space between what is “alive” and what is not. I am intrigued by subject matter that embodies the transitory complexity of nature and the duality of growth and decay. The moon, a symbol of The Goddess, is the keeper of our constantly shifting natural cycles.

Continue reading

(Prose) The Feast of the New Grain/Lammas: The Turning of the Wheel by Sara Wright

Photo by Sara Wright

The Turning of the Wheel

Today heavy mist shrouds the apple trees and rises like puffs of smoke over the mountains. Every twig is still covered with lush green leaves and every time I look out a window I feel that gratitude pulsing through me – the wonder of being alive. A brilliant green frog inhabits my toad pond. Last night a Datura blossom literally opened before my eyes etched with pale lavender – a moonflower of exquisite fragrance and beauty, and if anything, I appreciate these moon blossoms here more than I did in the desert. Continue reading

(Mago Almanac 1) Restoring 13 Month 28 Day Calendar by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

[This and the following sequels are from Mago Almanac: 13 Month 28 Day Calendar (Book A), Years 1 and 2 (5, 6, 9, 10…), 5915-6 MAGO ERA, 2018-9 CE (Mago Books, 2017).]

We want to get back the 13th Friday. This almanac shows how that is possible. Helen Hye-Sook Hwang


This almanac functions as a handbook for us moderns to enter an archaically new way of understanding time/space, the inter-cosmic time, operating in the Magoist Calendar. We are about to pass a threshold and walk into the (M)otherworld. The Magoist Calendar, the book of the Creatrix, summons the Reality of the Creatrix, WE/HERE/NOW, the ultimate destination of human intelligence/spirituality. The Mago Almanac awakens her user to the last reserved revolutionary call in our time, to dismantle the patriarchal calendar and return it to its sender, godfathers. Continue reading

(Poem) Mountain Chanter’s Curse by Maya Daniel

mountain-chanters-curse-by-maya-danielStay away from our lands,
You, plunderers of the earth,
Do not disturb our waters
The horizons may seem still,
Motionless, but we are wild,
Our mountains are steep,
Ravines are deadly deep,
Our vines are silent traps
They will crush you, tucked Continue reading

(Essay 2) The Feminine Principle of Communication by Genevieve Vaughan

Genevieve Vaughan

What is the connection of all this with language?

In the first place, I would like to say something that goes back to the connection between economics and language. This is that basically, communication is a non-sign process. This doesn’t mean I believe it works on ESP, but rather that it is basically material communication, the giving and receiving of things that satisfy needs, that creates relations between us and to things. It creates bodies and minds that are related to each other as similar with respect to many different types of things. (I consume “X” and you consume “X”-while “X” does not consume us-we are similar with regard to “X”, which is different from us but similar to other “X’s”, which may be consumed in other moments by us or by others like us).

Continue reading

(Prose) Letter to Cypress: We have Forgotten our Roots by Janie Rezner

The Moors, 1990. Jean Claude Photographercroped.

[Author’s Note: Cypress was an older divorced woman, about my age, in her late  60’s, living in Bolinas, California, a  wonderful village, filled with  creative/hippy like  folks.  The way into Bolinas was to follow the sign, BOLINAS, on a cutoff from Highway one.  The townsfolk, preferring their own company, took the sign down regularly.  I was living in Berkeley at the time and often spent the night with Cypress in her sturdy redwood home–already deep in my journey.  This letter came from my heart to hers. March, 1997, Mendocino]

Dear Cypress,

I’ve been thinking about you and wanted to drop you a little note. Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality, once again. Good to connect with you . . . and get more of a sense of who you are. Takes time for people to get acquainted, don’t you agree? Continue reading

(Book Excerpt 3) Single Mothers Speak on Patriarchy Ed. by Trista Hendren & Pat Daly

Angry Medusa

Nile Pierce


Those of us,

the single mothers,

The war veterans, battle worn,

the recipients of brainwash techniques

that’ve severed the heads of millions of Medusas

Since the dawn of time, or, more appropriately

Since the beginning of male-dominated everything Continue reading

(Prose) What is the healing question? by Nane Jordan

What would you ask Hélène Cixous, if you had the chance?

I am reading Cixous, and writing my-self. My research program is also very much about being here in France, in the French university system (via Paris 8), immersed in language and culture. And attending Cixous’ monthly seminar, with an opportunity to speak with her, maybe even to discuss, clarify and dialogue.

But what question do I ask? Continue reading