(Prose) “Mary” As a Title by Alaya Dannu

Photo By Olaf Tausch. CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Holder of Mary – Entry dated October 14, 2015 – meditation:

Yesterday, I was told to rest. As the evening came along, I was informed that they’d have to give me another title. I did not know or understand at the time, what they were speaking about. They also implied that there was much work to be done.

So, this morning I meditated after waking up to find out what the new title is and what it may mean:

I saw an image of feminine hands holding a very old pot – clay or ceramic, maybe; and then I saw a hallway from an old Egyptian temple, in a soft glow of yellowish-gold; then a throne chair appeared at the very beginning of  Continue reading

(Prose) The Traveling Cosmogony by Alaya Advaita Dannu

Photo Credit: Unsplash // Edited by Alaya A. Dannu

Photo Credit: Unsplash // Edited by Alaya A. Dannu

There are three devotional practices that I engage in every day. I will share the details of one of them, since it is the most striking and public display of “How” Goddess spirituality and activism.

“… you’d have to find the primordial waters of creation… … that is where I come from, that is what created me. I am from the Oldest of the Old. She/The Waters created itself from itself and then brought forth the sun. So light came from within darkness. … a nebulous space, mostly red in color, where stars were being created… … moving within this space is like swimming in water, only I am swimming amongst stars. A large eye appeared, manifested from the red gases of the nebula. In this eye – within its pupil – I can see more universes held within it… I reached out to it… … small stars swelled within it and fell from the Eye, floating/gravitating towards me. The Eye cried tears of stars… they clustered onto my fingertips, spreading out into a thin layer of light on my body… I was pulled back to fertile ground.”
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(Special Post 1) “The Oldest Civilization” and its Agendas by Mago Circle Members

12742079_952745341470248_3920984199543071341_n-e1457121661528[Editor’s Note: The following discussion took place in response to an article listed blow by the members of The Mago Cirlce, Facebook group of Goddessians/Magoists from May 6 to May 10, 2016. Readers are recommended to read the original article linked below that has invoked the converation.]

“The Danube Civilization: Oldest in the World” in The Ancient Ones upon the ruins of our ancestors, published April 3, 2016. 

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(Prose Part 2) Transcending Boundaries – Hatshepsut’s Path to Destiny by Alaya Advaita Dannu

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/

Upon waking, the first thing I did was write this dream down. As I wrote in my journal I wondered what this could mean—not just for myself and the rest of the dreams I’ve had prior to this one, but for the collective. Could this dream be the key I needed to unlock a much deeper understanding of myself and my place within the cosmos? Would it help me further understand my purpose in this life? Could I share this with the collective?

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(Prose Part 1) Transcending Boundaries – Hatshepsut’s Path to Destiny by Alaya Advaita Dannu

Dreams are important because they are moments when humans are stripped of nanderekó or rational thought. Dreamers are in a spiritual state where the awá or “integral being” can emerge, connecting them with a deeper reality. For example, some people can direct their dreams to someone who is several hundred miles distant; others can foretell both positive and negative events that will affect the community (Assunção & Jecupé, 2006)—from “Anyone Who Dreams Partakes in Shamanism”, by Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.

Everyone dreams; not everyone remembers their dreams.

Yes, I am speaking of the dreams we have when we are asleep, not what people call goals and aspirations.

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(Meet Mago Contributor) Alaya A. Dannu

Alaya DannuAlaya A. Dannu, MTP, is a dancer, self-taught artist, a life-long student of transpersonal psychology, and is currently completing her MFA in Creative Nonfiction. She is passionate about assisting others with exploring their origins, identity, and purpose through dreams, and finding creative ways to express those themes. She also endeavors to use the nature of dreams to enhance the understanding of the knowledge found within three ancient civilizations – India, Egypt, and Greece – explore the transmission of cultural memory through dreams, and seeks to spark a conversation on the development of alternative ways of gathering and interpreting information. Alaya understands dreams to be a microcosmic example of mythology – the macrocosmic dream – and deviates from a Euro/androcentric approach to dream interpretation. As a Mago contributor, her focus is to highlight the prominent presence and voice of the Primordial Mother found within the mythological stories of these ancient civilizations, through her organic approach to dreamwork.