(Photo Poem) Emerald Fire by Amina Rodriguez

Photo by Amina Rodriguez

I have seen the Emerald Fire

The heart of the earth opened herself within me

To show me something brighter

Something I was not previously conscious of

The grace of her Divine Nature took me in her arms

Through the limbs on her trees

When there was no other comforter able to pacify my indignation.

I cherish that Emerald Fire Continue reading

(Photo Poem) A Prayer to Divine Mother Within by Amina Rodriguez

Photo by Amina Rodriguez

Divine Mother within; show me what I have been,

What I am and what I shall become

Divine Mother within, show me all the pain I carry,

For all women in my lineage before me

I release all of their pain and in the process all of my future selves will now know freedom.

Divine Mother within; show me all who lived before me,

Show me any pain left to be released

Show me who we will be, show me what we shall become

For within us I know lies the key to our freedom. Continue reading

(Poetry) Nature’s Grace by Amina Rodriguez

Photography by Amina Rodriguez

Nature reached out to me…

Through the window in my room through a tree..

Through reaching branches and rustling leaves…

I grabbed on to her without hesitation..

Without a thought without question…

I felt her branches and grasped them tightly…

What a graceful invitation…

Unasked and unwarranted..

At the time what I understood was this thought which has stayed with me still… Continue reading

(Poetry) Prayer to the Mother by Amina Rodriguez

Photography by Amina Rodriguez

I feel deeply troubled and a bit unsettled.

I feel strongly a pull in two directions.

Loving passionately and despising at once.

I fear to look at what is hiding inside me…

The truth of the roots of all my pain

A reflection of what is out there around me

I ask the universe for the courage to dive within

I know the answers to all that ails me lies there

Something keeps pulling me away distracting me from myself my truth my own love. Continue reading

(Prose) My Nature Guided Self-Renewal by Amina Rodriguez

Work by Amina Rodriguez

My journey toward the divine source within me was inspired by a tree and only began in my 40s. I usually write poems​​ and other inspired writings as notes on my phone or in a journal. My work is amateur at best because I only began to connect within and express myself creatively a little over two years ago. This was after I had an experience with a tree in the astral or maybe it was a lucid dream. It was a very real experience to me, resembling an out of body experience and it changed my life. It started me on a more intentional journey toward my own truth. I had Continue reading

(Meet Mago Contributor) Amina Rodriguez

I’m a mother of three remarkable young adults who’ve inspired me to improve myself. I spend as much time as I can in nature, both my healer and comforter. I love taking nature pictures that call out to me, writing poetry and I’m writing a book about my journey within. I have a BA in Psychology but my most important education has come from trees. I have discovered Kai Chi Do and recently completed the Kai level  training. I believe the process of growth and human evolution never ends and I’m so grateful to be sharing with the Mago Work.