(Poem) The River Violet by April Aronoff

Garden Photo 2_April Aronoff

Photo Credit: ©April Aronoff

I walk upon the River Violet one day and sit down.

Its flow is soft, slow, beckoning,

Its water catching sunbeams

in a beautiful crystalline purple,

turning everything that runs through

the most luminous shades of periwinkle and lilac,

its violaceous essence pulling and drawing me near,

like a bird song so lovely it tugs at the heart string,

and slowly I step in.

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(Poem) Invocation to the Great Mother by April Aronoff

Inspired from within,

I remember ancient wisdom.


The Great Goddess_Roses_2_April Aronoff

Photo credit: ©April Aronoff

I am everything and nothing.

I am the holder of space,

its lushness

and emptiness,

flowing in and out like

dye mixed with water,

becoming singular and many,

as dark mixes with light.

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(Prose) Spring Equinox Flower Bowl/The Mandala of Life By April Aronoff


Spring Equinox_2_April Aronoff

Photo Credits: ©April Aronoff

As I feel the wheel of life turning ever so strongly in my life, it is the call to death, to passing, to the ending of something and the beginning of another, that beckons.  And while the pull to death and dying are typically associated with the autumnal equinox, I cannot help but recognize how essential death is for the re-birth of spring.  Every ending is a genesis, and every death a template for new life.  I wish to celebrate this cycle, recognize its potency, its power to connect to the highest vibration and frequency.  We are all part of this wheel, all going to begin and end again and again.  To give into this process with peace, to recognize it as part of who you are as much as your hands and feet, to deepen into the cycle of death and spring in your own life, that is true connection with source.

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(Meet Mago Contributor) April Aronoff

I am a blogger of 3.5 years and have written extensively about the Goddess, Spirit, and self-evolution in a variety of genres, including essays, poetry, memoir, and children’s stories.  I also write about addiction and parenting special needs children.  My present blog, mytemplegarden.org, has been running since October of 2015.  My previous blog, runninginwater.com, ran for 3 years.


I also take my own photography, of which a large part comes from my garden temple.  I am a practicing priestess and shamanic light worker, dedicated to healing others.  I read tarot, do shamanic journeying, and work with Angels when I offer the sacred art of Anointing, ancient body work involving essential oils, crystals, and tuning forks.  This act of communion, once practiced by priestesses of antiquity, was meant to unite one with the Goddess.  I am honored to be part of this lineage.

Feel free to contact me on Facebook for more information about readings or anointings.  I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.