(Story Retold) A Story of the British invasion of Australia by Eileen Haley


Macquarie’s Party at Springwood, 1815, by the party’s artist JW Lewin. Source

[Author’s Warning: Like most such stories, this is a rather grim and grisly tale.] As we know, Aborigines resisted the British invaders in Australia at every step of the way. A road across the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, was built under Governor Lachlan Macquarie in 1814-1815. This represented a significant expansion of the British colony, and must have been of concern to the Aborigines who had witnessed the destruction of traditional society that had happened closer to the coast. Continue reading

(Video 4) “Seeking Inner Voices of S/HE (Meditation Guides)” by Marie de Kock

[Editor’s Note: This video meeting was created and produced as part of 2015 Nine Day Solstice Celebration, organized by Mago Academy.]

Suckling Stars by Lucy Pierce

Please join us in celebrating the 2015 Nine-Day Solstice Celebration dedicated to Finding Our Inner Voice on Thursday, December 17th 9pm PST. Welcome your own inner voice warmly with a guided meditation, hear Lucy Pierce and Marie de Kock in conversation about it, including a contribution by Arna Baartz, do some gentle exercises to liberate your Inner Voice and listen to a poem clearly expressing Her.

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(Art) Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp (with the Lady Cerridwen) by Eileen Haley

Quilt by Eileen Haley. Part of her EarthWomen series.

Quilt by Eileen Haley. Part of her EarthWomen series.

Four campers dance holding balloons, which were a feature of the mass demonstrations outside the US Air Force base at Greenham Common in the UK, where women famously maintained a peace camp for nearly 20 years. Continue reading

(Art) March 2003 Ouyen Women’s Rain Dance (with Dorothea Mackellar) by Eileen Haley

Quilt by Eileen Haley. Part of her EarthWomen series.

Quilt by Eileen Haley. Part of her EarthWomen series.

Women of the Mallee district of Western Victoria dance for rain during the long drought of the early years of this century. They are accompanied by Dorothea Mackellar, Australia’s foremost and most popular poet of the land.

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(Art) Juárez City Mothers (with Frida Kahlo) by Eileen Haley

Quilt by Eileen Haley. One of her EarthWomen series.

Quilt by Eileen Haley. Part of her EarthWomen series.


Women from Juárez, Mexico, demonstrate for justice for their daughters, victims of the high rate of femicide for which their city is notorious. The predominance of pink reflects the use of this colour in the campaigns conducted by the mothers to emphasise the youth and femininity of the victims.

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(Art poem) Speaking to the Virgin by Eileen Haley

Meet Mago Contributor Eileen Haley.

Inspired by Yvonne M Lucia’s recent post, I would like to share one of my Guadalupe poems. The original Virgin of Guadalupe is Spanish and has strong colonial and conquest associations: among other things, it was at the Monastery of Guadalupe in Extremadura that Isabella and Ferdinand signed documents authorising the first voyage of Christopher Columbus, and it was to this monastery that in 1496 Columbus brought two indigenous men to be baptised, the first New World converts to Christianity.

This poem celebrates the Virgin’s escape from those associations.

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(Poem) Sydney Action for Juárez by Eileen Haley

Grieving mother

we were with you

as you scoured desert sands

demanding to know

where your dear daughter had gone

who had taken her

who held her


Blighting the earth with drought

raging and howling


We too cried out her name

her many her three hundred names


We too asked the sun

the copper sun who knows everything

Where were you? What did you see?

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